Spalding bakeoff - Saturday November 11th


I fancy hosting a bit of a social. Plenty of room, overnights possible.

Main system is in pieces while I think about how to upgrade it, so I have a more conventional setup right now with plenty of room for kit swapping so bring anything you fancy.

Kick off 10-11am, finish whenever.

Mark (maybe)
Rob (says yes, but I don’t believe him, so probably, maybe, no) Cancelled hahahahahaha.
Steve (probably)


Yes please.


This looks like a definite maybe for me, Edd.


Sounds good. In!


A potential absolute maybe from me. Shift dependent :roll_eyes:

Knowing my proclivity for alcohol, it would have to be an overnighter :grin:


Bah… Gonna be at ETF…


Working :frowning_face:


I’d love to. If I can find a way that doesn’t take 5 hours by train I’m in.




Checking the diary, one day I will make it to one of your bakeoffs!


I’d like to come Edd, I hope nothing gets in the way, I might be able to bring the new open baffle with 15" subs for each side if you have the space…


I’m in!!! YAY!!!


Yes please, Edd.


My main speakers have been put away for now, listening area is about 12x15ft.


Train to Peterborough is usually pretty fast, from Peterborough to Spalding not so much, but I’m sure someone could pick you up from either.


I could pick you up from Peterborough on the way through.


I’ll look into it and report back



Looks doable. I can get to Peterborough. So count me in please.


A lift would be great, many thanks