Spalding bakeoff - Saturday November 11th


I still need to check my shifts, but if I can’t make it, I’m sure there will be others.


I’m afraid I can’t make it…:disappointed:.


Numbers don’t matter much, more to know how much food I need. Plenty of room


Buy the damn pony and use the guilt for all the bake offs for ever more :smiley:


Hahaha, I’d never be able to afford eat again let alone get to bake offs!


@charliechan Checked my roster. We’re all good.

@edd9000 put me down as definite, please.


Count me in please Edd :+1:


Checking… have to clear a potential family clash but should be ok


A possible from me please, Edd


Hi Edd,

Count me in please.


Looks like I’m working. Bloody hell, I want to see your CNC


Please Edd…


Anyone from Sheffield or nearby fancy a car share?


Any room left at the inn please Ed?
Otherwise the subs bench…


Plenty of room.


Cheers me dears.


Looking forward to this - remind me to bring your little amp back :+1:

Might bring some prototype Extreme Foo, too - still can’t decide what colour dreamcatching magic weave to use… :sparkles::dizzy::moyai:


What’s the exchange rate like with Mesopotamia for importing the necessary unicorn pubes?


Since the commercialisation of bake offs is inevitable, I will be making the toilet available to hire to dealers for a nominal fee. There will also be an entry fee for guests payable in cake.

Should you wish to bring hifi, you will be asked to provide double cake.


My gear doesn’t count as hifi, though, so what do I need to do?