Spalding bakeoff - Saturday November 11th


Personally, I have no idea what they were moaning about. I loved it :+1:

However, I guess that’s it credibility fucked.


Nice bake off Edd and Zoe makes a delicious lasagna :yum:

Great to see all of the slaughtermen again…

System sounded nice - impressive for such small speakers - you’ve done an excellent job with those :grinning:

Preferred it without the sub though :+1:


Just arrived home after getting stuck in some dire traffic on the A1(M) and slow traffic around Milton Keynes.

A fun Bake-off. Great to meat up with the usual reprobates and some bods I’d not met before.

Thanks to Edd and Zoe for putting up with us. Great food and great hosts. Bed was comfy and breakfast hit the spot. The 3 large cups of coffee caused 3 comfort breaks on the way home however.

Thanks again.


Thanks all who came, really enjoyed it.

I’ve wanted to try an F5 for a while, but the Alpeths seemed to be working better that’s for sure. More kit swapping required.


Normal at your age :nerd_face:


If you can’t survive a journey from Spalding to Oxfordshire without many stops, how do you cope with a prog solo?




He wears an extra absorbent cape and has a large bag hidden under his purple satin flares.


I hate you lot :unamused:


Stop trying to cheer me up!



Sorry I missed it. Bad weekend with work and other crap.
Even got a speeding ticket from France!!


Great weekend, many thanks to Edd and Zoe. Excellent food and a very comfy night.
Those little speakers sound big, especially with the Alephs driving them, very nice.
Thanks for the banter everyone, and even some of the music!
Looking forward to the bottle of Terry’s beer later.

Cheers to Paul and Sam too for this afternoon’s listen to the Hecos - impressive beasts!


Thanks Edd and Zoe …I had a great time !!


A spot on weekend thanks.
Although I do have a memory of lapsing into unconsciuosness whilst listening to something proggy with a flute in and drinking one of Terry’s fine ales. On waking I was surprised to find it was still 2017 as the music had clearly finished…