Spalding bakeoff - Saturday November 11th


Oh yes image


If you cut that open, you’d find a partially digested person inside :+1:


It may look that way, but I assure you I don’t mix business and pleasure in that manner!


Sounds like an album only MenInBlack would enjoy. :slight_smile:


Definite now Edd, and overnight would be appreciated so that I can hear the washing machines on Sunday. Cheers


I can’t make it, I get to spend the day in a muddy field washing Bens cyclocross bikes after every lap :thinking:


Maybe next time Des :slight_smile:


Confirmed. I’ll be day trippin’. :+1:


Apparently Tom Waites is good :thinking:


Pah! No cape.


Seriously disappointed by the absence of capeage…


Has @Jim not turned up? The sweet spot appears to be free…


Jim’s dispensing wisdom in another room. Just don’t strike a match, even where you are :flushed:


Jim assumes the position…


Big thanks to Edd for a great afternoon - the new speakers sound amazing for such modestly sized boxes, and the build is better than some professionals can manage, clearly working well with the “new” amp too.

Great to see everybody and have a bit of a catchup too! :+1:t3:


Make sure you bring “the” CD with you to every bake off you attend.


I will haunt your every bakeoff my friend, rest assured - you will learn to be worthy of the greatness that is the Clinical Mops…


Many thanks to Edd and family. We were very well looked after. Awesome lasagna
Good banter and music.
The Edd special speakers were very impressive.


I had a great time, thanks Edd!


Please do. I cannot fucking wait to hear it again.