Speaker positioning woes

Moved house.
No dedicated room.
Wife hates my big (coffin-like) floorstanders.
Cue panic at the thought of being without hifi until I can afford an extension.

Option A is standmounts placed in the bay window. (buchardt S400 modelled on 700mm stands)
Option B is AV style same speakers on brackets on the long wall.

Wife wants built in furniture to conceal any signs of hifi.
Loving life.


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Maybe get a bespoke g plan type cabinet made with full range speakers at each end

“Sorry dear, but they’ll just have to go here until the extension is built. Buying a new pair of small speakers to cover us until then would be such a waste, both of money and the Earth’s resources.”


Not this,but this sort of thing in the bay

Saw a fantastic bespoke one a few years ago with garrard,quad and goodman full range speakers in

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Sounds like her plan has worked.

More seriously, are you stuck with the large armchair ? If you could replace it with something (much) more compact, or something light enough to stash in the next room when you don’t have a visitor, then you could centre the left sofa seat between the speakers and get a reasonably balanced listening position without blocking the entrance to the room (the gap between chair and sofa looks tight in any case). I suspect the shelves around the speakers could cause undesirable acoustic effects. In a perfect world you might eliminate them and mount the speakers on brackets (again ideally, adjustable) off the wall.


Just buy one of these and convince her it’s a piece of furniture


I’m convinced.

I had wondered, given the skills knocking around this forum that building something could be an option, preferably with 15” bass units either side of the fireplace

Losing the shelves could be possible, will just need somewhere for candles and overpriced air freshener

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If the speakers are physically attached to whatever the deck is mounted on then without heroic isolation there will be vibrational feedback. It’s why radiograms have to run with relatively heavy tracking weight.


It was around 9ft long and extremely heavy and very well built
Was made in Knightsbridge in the 60s and cost a £1,000 at the time
The woman was trying to sell it without the hi fi for £500 Pretty useless unless you had identical separates to put in

Sadly I didn’t hear it

Option A would be my preference. Small speakers can sound great.

I suspect that you will have more luck with sound with the speakers in the bay window area option A.

If you have speakers either side of the fire how do you actually easily keep the speaker leads out of sight tidy?

Let go with love

New wife ?





Heal’s (Fitzrovia, not Knightsbridge) did a commercial Garrard/Quad unit

but the speaker (ESL57) was separate. The power amp was hidden in the fat ‘leg’. Despite that being a stereo control unit, and the tuner being FM, I think there was only room for one power amp so the setup was inherently mono.



What about utilising a bedroom ?

What, shag her into submission? You’ve been watching too much James Bond


That’s one approach. Is that how you got to have three systems? - I was thinking more of a bedroom system

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