Spider’s Oktoberfest bake off. 12th October

AHi Everyone,

Spider’s Oktoberfest bake off is back.

Will be a three room bake off, maybe 4 if Jack wants to join in with his system upstairs.

So my system in the lounge and two empty rooms for you guys to fill with gear in the study and downstairs bedroom as usual. I’ll find some racks to put gear on just needs some nice HiFi to make beautiful music.

Saturday 12th October 10.30am start finish at 6pm.

We’ll do hot food mid afternoon, you guys bring cakes and pie’s as usual.

Room for 20 people.

We live near Chesterfield.

Team list:

  1. Rick - Bandit Pilot +1
  2. Rob - Freefallrob
  3. Divedeepdog - Mark +1
  4. MickyRicky - Mick
  5. Coogie - Mark
  6. Sap7 - Steve
  7. W.T.F - Colin
  8. mayebaza - Barrington
  9. Hap Hazard -Des
  10. SCIDB - Dean
  11. Jim - Jim
  12. Ijrussel - Ian
  13. ed9000 - Ed
  14. catcando - Gregg
  15. RMSshipbroker - Steve
  16. turningjapanese - Darren
  17. Mickbald - Mick
  18. Jpg - Paul +1
  19. Belliore - Darren
  20. settingson - Lee

Bake off team now set
PM with address details etc has been sent

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Go on then

Yes please

Hi Tim,

I should be hungry by then, so I’ll be up for this.


Yes please Tim. :slight_smile:

Stick me down please Tim :+1:

Yes please.

Yes, please.

Yes please Tim

Er it’s in October not ten minutes time.

Me, me, me… :wink:

Please, Tim.

yes please Tim

Yes please Tim.

Yes please. Room for an extra as well?

Full up for now.
Subs bench can still be added to in case of cancellation nearer to the day. :grinning:

Retracted, will be in Blackpool that weekend. For my sins!

Sorry, clash not noticed before. I will be in Galloway that weekend.

Can you add my mate Mike to the subs list please? I did ask for a ‘+1’ originally but I cant see anything on your list…