Spider's Bake off 1st December (change of date)


ZHi Everyone,

This year has been bonkers busy but I’ve set a date for a Bake off at mine on 1st December. (Change of date)

Have to be a standard two room Bake off this time as no time to empty house for a big one, we’ll do that next year.

So my system in the lounge and an empty room for you guys to fill with gear in the study as usual.

We’ll do food mid afternoon, you guys bring cakes and pie’s as usual.

Room for about 15 to 18 people.

Start at around 11am finish at 6-7pm. We live near Chesterfield.

Team list:
Rick - Bandit Pilot

Rob - Freefallrob

Paul - Maverick

Mark - Divedeepdog

Des - Hap Hazaard

Edd - Ed9000

Barrington - Mayebaza

Lee - Settingson

Darren - Belliore

Ian Russell


Steve - Shipbroker

Mick - Mickey Ricky

Steve - Sap7

Mick - Mick bald

brucer 2


Subs Bench from here:


Yes please Tim.


Yes please Tim


Could you put me and Lee (Mr Settingson) down please Tim?
I think Darren ( Mr Ray of Sunshine) has already asked?


Mickey too


Oooh yes please!


Should make it.


Holding spot for me until I check work diary later thanks.

Can’t make it due to work. Sorry


Rats! away that weekend


If there is still a slot available put me on the list please.


Add me to the sin bin please Spider


Last minute change out of my hands the bake off will have to be on Saturday 1st December rather than the Sunday.
Let me know if you are all ok with that.


Thats fine.


Fine by me Tim


Ok for me


No problem for me also


Good for me :+1:


I can make Saturday.
Not sure how that leaves me on any list as I couldn’t make Sunday.
Have to dash off mid afternoon…


Yeah should be ok, but may have to leave a bit early cos’ it’s Donna wifeys xmas works do that evening.