Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


Gik Tri-Trap:


Not ugly enough for an audiophile set up. I want to live in an egg carton :smile:


I have a Target TT5 rack (5 levels non-adjustable, all welded) in lovely black with the original black shelves. Free collection from CW8. The top shelf has upwards spikes for the shelf.

Removeable spikes on the bottom.

Collection only, will fit into most hatchback / estate cars.

I have owned this from new, needs to go.


I’ve just discovered I have a spare copy of this on CD if anyone is interested

I’m just heading out to work now and won’t be back until 11ish so will be in touch then :+1:


Yes please!


'Tis yours old boy - pm me your address and I’ll stick it in the post tomorrow :+1:


Thanks. PM on the way.


I had these off of Paul but the don’t make much difference in my room so if anyone else wants them let me know.


Hi Nick, could I have them please, in case you’re not too far away from me to drive by?


It’s feeling all left outside now. Outside in a skip. Poor thing.


My old man brought over a bunch of cassettes - anyone wants this as a job lot let me know - just cover the postage

by -DaveBailey1-


I think Wayne was after some cassettes.


I’d be happy to take these off your hands if not claimed as yet.

Postage cost clearly not an issue in that case (assuming UK of course!)


Cool; PM me with address and I’ll get it sorted cheers


John Mayer:

Music, 3 CD boxset comprising the albums Room For Squares, Heavier Things, Continuum.

Hardly played, some shelf wear to the card outer sleeve.

He doesn’t do it for me unfortunately, so would rather it goes to someone who’s boat he floats rather than the charity shop.


iPod colour / photo, 160 Gb (yes, one of those things with a laptop disc in it).

The back is scuffed to hell. The top lip has some road rash where I managed to kick it across the courtyard of the British Library.

I can’t remember how to work it at all, or even how to shut it down.

Might suit a vintage tech enthusiast / inveterate cheapskate / simpleton hoarder.

Free, or you pay the postage, or I say I’ll post it then take 3 months to actually get round to doing anything. You know how this is going to go down.


I would love this please if still available.


That is seriously generous as those things go for serious wedge on eBay these days if they are functional. Really nice gesture Guy!


I just looked. People really will buy just any old toot.

@J_B please PM me your address and I’ll totally fail to do anything for a few weeks.


I maintain that the gesture is very generous, but apologise for my derp. I had meant the last posting to be a PM.

I also like the phrase ‘any old toot’ which is a new one on me in this context :upside_down: