Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff

Got 2 free 24hr NowTV codes to give away.

These have been sent to me as an LFC season ticket holder so I can watch the next home games, but I don’t need them as I already subscribe.

Obviously, I won’t make you watch Liverpool games with them :slight_smile:



Oooh Yes please (if this means a 24h Sky sports pass used anytime?)

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Just realised how out of date this thread is!

Yeah sorry buddy, John snaffled these.

“Legacy” Sonos kit.

One ZP80, the predecessor of the Connect. This is the bit you plug into your amp (it has an onboard DAC) or onwards into your own DAC via RCA or optical.

A Zoneplayer S5, later renamed Play:5. This is an all-in-one boom box.

There is highly likely to be another Play:5 in the next few days.

All the bits will work on wired ethernet or on your household wi-fi.

All of this stuff is “legacy” and has been “recycled” i.e. you can’t trade it in again.

WILL NOT WORK with the new Sonos S2 (brown-coloured) app, but as far as I understand it you can install the Sonos S1 (black) app or Windows desktop controller

start turning things on and you will have a fully-fledged Sonos system, just one that will only ever get security updates, not new functionality.

This means streaming files, Spotify, Tidal, internet radio, whatever you’d expect.

The Play:5’s can also be stereo paired.

There are no boxes, manuals or anything else.

The pictured Play:5 has been in a kitchen so has the odd spot on it that will probably wipe off. The other one is unmarked.

All FOC.

I can probably post the ZP80, but the Play:5s are surprisingly heavy little bastards and could require an AAAmbulance.

If you want these just because they’re free then please think about stepping back and giving a chance to someone else who could put them to good use and might not be able to afford similar kit otherwise.


Feck! That is very generous indeed. We’ll played. A donation to the AA kitty might be in order for the lucky taker.


Obvs, if they can afford it.

I’ve had a lucky and comfortable lockdown but I’m aware that others haven’t :+1:


Outstanding offer, as per usual Guy. :clap: :clap: :clap:

You’re like father fucking Christmas you.


Briefly tempted. Very generous.

iI would like a play 5, if available more than happy to donate

the kitchen play 5 would be happy to locate to another kitchen?

but more than happy to wait if someone more worthy dibs in

just to add i have the wifi extender that i can add to your bundle guy


Impressed of Luton writes “well played that man”.

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I have a friend who has pretty much lost everything (long story) I know this would be great for him if he can stream from his Tablet? (I don’t understand this type of wizardry)
Happy to put into the kitty or step aside for a better cause.


The Play5 would work for him as he can install the series1 app on his tablet.

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Very Generous offer. Well played. I trust that this will go do a deserving home.

The Play 5 is a decent sound, nice bit of kit.

Hi Matt

Sorry, but the two Play:5’s (which sound like they’d be the best bet) are spoken for. And I hope you’ll understand that I don’t want to give back word, or get into judging the relative merits of people’s bad luck.

The ZP80 works in the same way, but is a pure source component, so needs amp and speakers.

Completely, glad they found a home :sunglasses:

Very generous indeed. That deserves a dram! :+1:

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I have no amp spare, but pretty sure I have a tuner and possibly a cdp in the loft
Neither are cutting edge, but worked fine when put away if any good