Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


Bugger, never mind.


Are you about Thursday morning? If so, I will take them please. I can collect.


I should be. Will check with SWMBO and get back to you.

If you’re going to Lopwell could you also take a couple of bits for @pmac and @Jim ?


No problem so long as they are not massive as I have fit things in when I go and have to pick up some paintings for a mate.


Bits picked up, fuck I hate London.

Have 1 book @Jim and 1 box @pmac will bring to the slaughterhouse.

Thank you very much to a generous Guy. :grin:


South London traffic is awesome :smile:


Collected this from @ICHM at Lopwell. Thank you, Guy! and thanks to Bob for getting it there!

A lovely thing and perfect for keeping my cartridges in :+1: Lou has already been looking at it with covetous eyes, but it’s mine, all mine.


Mine, my preciossssss.


Zone Six - Live Spring 2017 LP (no cover)

Scratch audible on Side B, Track 1

Dave at Sulatron sent me a replacement record, minus the cover.

Just pay the postage and it’s yours.


Let me know your addy



Was that a reply to me?



Nearly bought it the other week
Who else did you think it was for :smirk:
Meant your PayPal. Or bank details.



Stand thing.

The one in this photo. Got it off Cobbler. Couple of scuffs. Needs picking up from Northampton in next two weeks.


Found some Atacama sand filled stands that have to go as well.

Still have a pair of magnaplanars if you fancy a project type thing.


Mark - What model Maggies is it -Is the snag the tweeters?


Hello mate, might have that stand if that’s OK? Will let you know in the next couple of hours.



Terry I was wondering if this would be of interest to you ?

I bought this new years ago but have never taken to it.


Thanks. I would love it :grin:


Good man - pm me your address and I’ll stick it in the post :+1:


Message sent.

Thanks Allan


Magneplanar MG-1C