Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


They’re yours
Pm me your address…


Effing big hardback book about Zenith.

Unfortunately the dust jacket has picked up some damage while stationary on a bookshelf.

There’s no way I’m posting this heavy bastard, so it’s a meet up in London.

@Jim maybe? Or anyone else of course.


Unfortunately I haven’t got the time


Maybe @FatCuntTroller? Didn’t he buy a Zenith?


:heart_eyes: yes please Guy.

We need to meet up sometime over the next two weeks anyway (before Lopwell) so that i can pick up the display box for Paul @pmac


Super. Please just PM me a date and I can offload all this heavy shit on you :smile:


I have one, but can’t really be arsed with the book though, thanks anyway.


I have a Sony MiniDisc player MDS JE510 spare …I got this from Freefall Rob …FREE to anyone who wants it …I won’t post it but I’m willing to take it to Cranage Hifi show for pickup etc or to any future B/offs I may be attending …no rush !


Yes please if it is available. As I seem to have a 100 minidiscs.


It’s your’s Bob! If you’re not going to Cranage I will take it to Robs B/off …


I am going to both, prob Sunday at the moment. Bob


Ok I’ll pop it in the van for Cranage …I’m there Sat and Sun


Just about to go on freecycle, but just in case an AAer has a strange fixation with brass …

One brass chimney - I understand this would have originally been on a narrow boat.
One assayer’s (?) 500 troy ounce weight.

Please be aware that that the weight is, err, weighty - around 15.5kg, so if you were planning on using it as a doorstop it would be pretty awkward to place and move repeatedly.


I’d take them but I fear getting them to me would be troublesome…


Serious butt plug.


Would love the big weighty thing, bloody handy in the workshop for veneers and the like.


Id he in the queue For the items for a garden issue…

But again, I fear delivery issues.


Where are you based?


Sorry, I should have said that these would need to be collected from Dulwich, London SE21.

Shipping would be some combination of bloody awkward and prohibitively expensive.


Scrap weight of brass puts it as up to fifty quid…
Postage would be that!