Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


Missed this, if you’ve still got them I’d really appreciate them (after those three he started getting a bit crap with his songwriting).

Happy to cover postage to France, or they can go to my parents and I’ll pick them up when we’re over in May.


They’re yours Jon. Pm me whichever address, can’t see it being very expensive to send to France.


Hi Guy, the ipod arrived today, it looks great, many thanks. Please let me know P&P costs.


Glad it got there in one piece!

I think you’ll probably need to plug it into iTunes and hose it down.

As for postage, I spared every expense so it’s really not worth bothering over, particularly given the queue of middlemen like PayPal waiting to take a cut as it goes past :rage:


Thanks Guy that is very generous. I will bung a tenner to the Shakespeare Hospice.


Please remove


Pair of black Linn Keilidh cabinets.

They include the kustone blocks but no drivers, wadding, crossover nor stands. Cabs complete but could benefit from a bit of a tidy up on the rear vertical edges.

Pick up from North Wales or possible meet ups, Abbatoir taxi etc.


not me giving it away, but I have seen elsewhere that Public Enemy are giving away free downloads on their new album



this time it is me giving stuff away… in my CD buying exuberance I seem to have two copies of:

“Gang Signs and Prayers” by Stormzy

send me your address and i’ll post it…

if you feel so inclined bunging a few quid in a charity box of your choosing for the postage would be nice.


My daughter would like this. I’ll PM later if it is available.



no problem Olan, its yours (your daughter)


Samsung 32" smart(ish) TV.

About 5 years old, but has only ever been used as my PlayStation monitor. Remote, instructions, wireless dongle (there’s a waste of money if there ever was one). No box.

You collect from London SE21. No exceptions.

Apologies for the incredibly shite photo (that’s a chair in the reflection), but them’s the breaks.


Bugger, i’d like this for my daughters flat in Worcester but rarely get a chance to go to London. Any chance you’re going to Jim’s bake off?


Mm, we could have short-circuited this had I known. I just carried the other TV back from Malvern to London yesterday, hence no longer needing this one.

Let me have a wee think about logistics.


Got a box of old hifi mags, hifiworld, hifiplus etc.
Can bring to Jims if anyone interested,

If you don’t like to admit to looking at hifi mags please pm me and I will disguise with a few copies of Natural Melons and Show Us Your Baps :smile:


As I’m on the scrounge elsewhere: Scroungers of the Abattoir, to balance the Karma a little, I have a hardback copy of Rick Stein’s “India” that I can let go.

Great condition, and really good recipes that work in a normal kitchen.

Free to a good home. If you feel like donating the cost of the postage ( or whatever) to the Prostate Cancer charity: https://prostatecanceruk.org, that would be ace.


Yes please Rob. I’ll PM you with details


I’m popping over to Liverpool today Olan, so could possibly drop it in if I have time. If not I’ll post it.


I picked this up from a charity shop last week Chicago - Transit Authority. The cover is a bit tatty but the records are in great condition. I just don’t like it so it looking for a good home. Anyone want it?


Yes please Mick