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My neck hurts.

(Ps thanks)


Like @crimsondonkey says, don’t apply any pressure, and no jabbing like you would with a cartridge razor. Nice slooooow, smooooooth strokes, ooh yeah you like that don’t you, you dirty (and so on).


Don’t forget the tourniquet :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Round the neck??? !!


This is going to be the basis for a future Agatha Christie style murder mystery


Mine didn’t get here either Guy, so thanks very much for not sending it.

If you hear sirens and see blue flashing lights, there’s probably been an incident at the Airport, or something.


Another couple of CD’s up for grabs


Yes please if they’ve not already gone.


Bugger. Too slow :disappointed:


They’re yours Olan - pm me your address and I’ll pop them in the post. Terry I’ll pm you.


Thanks to @Gyroscope I have just had my first ever double edge blade shave, and thanks to @crimsondonkey s advice I didn’t cut myself, applied no pressure, just let the weight of the razor do the work.

Cheers chaps.


Excellent. You will soon discover that the scope for foo, faff and expense is almost limitless, with the added bonus of potential self-mutilation.

Executive Shaving keep spamming me about a £300 razor :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A mate of mine is well into all this stuff, he’s on a few shaving forums :roll_eyes: and has a glass cupboard in his bathroom full of brushes, cups, soap containers etc etc.

He trades his razors on the forums and has loads of different designs.


Shaving with a safety razor is a skill, you need to take time to learn it and not get obsessed with getting the closest shave right from the off.

You can go to badger and blade etc and find more than enough advice. Few things I learned.

  • Prepping your face is key to results, clean and hot towel etc - do not rush at it when you first wake up!
  • Use a cream and brush to start and practice getting a nice slick foam from it. I liked Trumpers rose :+1:
  • Change your razor blades more frequently than with modern disposables, they blunt quickly and you need a sharp blade
  • Listen for the sound of the bristles being cut, its a good guide to whether you have the razor at the right angle etc




My first go this evening :frowning:

I’m absolutely wetting myself, as my face will no doubt end up looking like a steak tartare.


Arrived today Allan. Many thanks.


Your masculinity being accosted


If it’s any help Mike, Guy told me that the razor you had chosen was particularly heavy and aggressive and that the Merkurs were probably the smart choice.

Enjoy. :grinning:



I’m waiting for the weekend as my first dabble lead to a proper rash!