Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


Thank you very fuck off :fu:


I was reminded when I was first shaving of the “7 o’clock shadow” no matter how close you shaved in the morning…As I liked kissing etc the girls :kissing_heart:I soon changed to evening shaving​:joy: and life was good !!:+1:


Pm me an address and I will post it when I get a mo.


Very nicely made DIY hifi rack up for grabs, it’s better in the flesh than the picture suggests (I’d just given it a wipe over), it doesn’t pack flat, pick up/meat wagon only.


Any takers?


Up for grabs are some small knobs.

OD of the 5 round ones is approx 19mm. ID is approx. 5mm.

I will post them all to you for free.


Wouldn’t mind two of the round ones if available please. Thanks.


Hi, I’m not messing about splitting them up. If you want them all thats fine.
Let me know / pm me your address.


Forum strap line…


OK happy to take the lot. Will pm. Thanks1


I was pissed at a charity auction last night and ended up with these.All 45’s, some pretty scratched and some with centre missing.

Anyone want them before I bin them.

Lonnie Donegan - My old man’s a dustman. Very scratched no centre.
Hawkwind - Urban Guerrilla / Brainbox Pollution(Looks in excellent condition)
Alice Cooper - Elected / Luney Tune (dirty but no scratches)
Cilla Black - Anyone who had a heart (very dirty - I mean the vinyl)
Johnny and the Hurricanes - High voltage / Old smokie (not too bad)
The Who - The seeker / Here for more (good)
Hawkes Biem - Sabre dance / Waltz from masquerade / Rustle of wind / Waltz from eugen onegin
Krystynki - Dunno, all in Polish
And last but not least A revealing 14 minute interview with The Yes


Good work, but, they’re all shit, so no thanks


I know, but you never know, I might get a PM on condition of the signing of a confidentiality clause.


Looking at that list you obliviously don’t exaggerate :rofl:


On the very slightly positive side there was also a mint copy of Genesis Selling England by the Pound, and the lot (Plus Love over gold and Moving waves) was £5.00


Can I have the Hawkwind and the Alice Cooper please, as my eldest son nicked mine.


I have been on the receiving end of some Abattoir generosity this week, so I need to give something back.

I have a spare copy of this:

There’s a problem though. Two actually, but only one might bother you. disc 2 has 2 “side 4” labels on it. I got a felt tip and wrote “3” on side 3, because I couldn’t be arsed counting the tracks or checking the matrix numbers. More seriously there’s a couple of audible grazes on side 4, at the beginning of track 1 and track 2. It plays through, but you can definitely hear them.

Free to a good home.


Yes Please!!


Wow, less than 20 seconds! :joy:

It’s yours Matt, pm me your address.


I have a copy of this, without the “problems” that I am happy to pass on, too.