Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


Right chaps up for grabs is my Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2Di headphone / DAC thingy as I’ve just bought a new headphone / DAC thingy.

Nice wee thing and obviously has the wall wart power cable.to go with it.

Although it didn’t cost much when I bought it, all I ask is that whoever wants it makes a donation to a charity of their choice.


Yes please, guess the charity :slight_smile:


Looks a dead useful thingy that :+1:


Bugger, too slow :grin:


A very worthy cause Mick and hats off to you for all you’ve done to highlight and help - I’ll stick it in the post tomorrow. Can you PM me your details :+1:

Sorry Terry.


Got distracted by actual work right at the wrong time. Work owes me one :wink:


Too right mate


Target Hi-Fi Rack - black legs and dark glass. Really nice little rack in good condition - a few marks if you look closely.


Photos shows it as a 3 level but there is another set of pillars and another glass shelf so it can be made into a 4 shelf (or reduced down to a two shelf if you prefer)

Collection only from Ravensthorpe, NN6 8EH.

Now on hold for MJ2


Two silver CD racks - really high quality, fully welded, not flat pack - hold around 300 CD’s each.

Collection from Ravensthorpe, NN6 8EH

*All the CD’s will up for given away too as a job lot but Pete (cobbler) is coming to have a root through first.

Racks on hold for Octh

CD’s on hold for Sap7


What is the width between the hi-fi rack legs please Paul ?


I’d be keen on the CDs for sure please.
Whatever is left.

I still use them and have a new rack to fill. You aren’t far away. Any dupes I’ll pass on or charity donate.


Ok whatever Pete doesn’t take you can have.


The gap between pillars is just over 18" wide and 11 3/4" deep.

The height between shelves is just over 6.5"

The glass panes are 57cm x 40cm


Great. Can I take that then please Paul ?


Yes - just let me know when you want to collect. I’m available pretty much all day every day!!


:+1: I’ll just need to work it out with work and let you know.


Could I take the CD racks please Paul? Can collect


Can you deliver the rack please :+1:


Can you please hand deliver the bag of sand Paul, I need some for the cat litter tray.


Yes that’s fine - let me know when you wish to collect.
I am not working right now so I can be in whenever suits.