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He will take you to court for losing him £50m for that, he has tried everybody else.


And he’ll have as much luck at getting £50m off me than he has from Lloyds bank :grinning:


Disgruntled of Devon writes

Noel is de Boss. All of you haters need to imagine running your fingers through his magnificent mane. Imagine such luxuriance. Noel has a Helicopter and a beard, he works in his pants and can defeat cancer with his mind. Envy is a bad look Mmmm Kay


Sir Stu of Yelverton


Gates turntable, Gray Research arm, Pants. In that order.

I wouldn’t have noticed the pants had it not been pointed out. Cunts.


Noel has a side kick who nauses everything lives in the garden and is quite unhinged - …Anyone know if Noel likes naps and pies?

Concerned - Mr. MWS


Dear Auntie MWS

I always found Mr Blooby very funny.

Is there something wrong with me?

Concerned of Orpington.


Based on the nauseous camera wobble throughout, was the guy filming fapping over his companion all the way around?




Dear concerned of Orpington

I suggest imbibing a 6 pack of Stronzetto emissions and hoofing a bag of UHU.

You will find all your concerns will evaporate



Jon has given the go ahead for us to run the swap shop in the classifieds. When I get home from work I’ll start a thread for us to thrash out the fine details and code of conduct.


“You bought this piece of shit, its fucking yours now”*


  • i.e no returns thank you.


Code of conduct - whar kind of cruel witchcraft is this?


Rules :roll_eyes:


1U Audio Patchbay up for grabs if of use to anybody.


Maybe we should have a committee? :thinking:


Do you wanna it
Fuck off

Do you wanna it
Fuck off


So, if I am following this properly, there will be the usual Classifieds section with a load of ads for stuff that isn’t for sale, augmented with adverts for other stuff that isn’t for sale that may or may not be not available for swaps either.

Feckin’ brilliant. I can’t see any problems with this at all.


It’s getting close to a forum ethos I think


I may have to consolidate these posts with the new thread. What could possibly go Rong™️


Fuck off you cunt. :wink:

I think that is the forum ethos isn’t it? Otherwise I’ve logged into the wrong forum by mistake.