Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


Could you deliver the rack please? I should be in the country for a couple of weeks in January.


I’ll just leave it at the travel agents.


Have you got a van to put in the Spirit of AA?




Rack Available again - anyone interested?
Need collection ASAP though (NN6 8EH).


Mine is better than his … :slight_smile:

Let’s have a Rack-Off.


Mine has no ginger pubes on it though.


Cheeky cunt. :slight_smile:

I was throwing them in as 3amp fuse wire. For Nowt.


I don’t need to know where they came from.:rofl:


I doubt if you have ever met Stu’s wife! HE IS NOT A GINGE apparently.


1 lengh of 79 stand copper speaker cable - 11 meters long.

Its been fully burnt in and now sounds even handed with deep controled bass and an expressive top end.

Free to a good home.


Yes pls.


Pm me your address and I’ll post it towards the end of next week.


For the next BTJ9000?


Fiio M3 music player, can play flac files, works fine. No headphones or micro usb cable.
(User interface is a bit crap)

Free to a good home


Yes please G


Pm me your address and I’ll post later this week.


Will do, thanks.


Altai Headshell. Unused


May I ask for this on behalf of my daughter please? It will be used on her Technics with the Nagoaka cart I’ve bought her.