Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


If Wayne changes his mind could I throw my hat into the ring please ?


Wayne I have found a used AT one as well. Let me know which one you prefer and Terry can have the other one


Ah, I think she’ll prefer the silver. Cheers dude.


I’ll be happy with either. Thanks Nick.


PM me your address details guys and I’ll get them posted out.


Bravo chaps.

Win, win, win :+1:


Anyone fancy this CD ?



Please ! if it’s not already taken


No probs mate pm me your address and I’ll pop it in the post :+1:


Maybe send that by PM and delete it from the open thread?



identity theft 101 - acquire a name and address, care to post your DoB and mothers maiden name whilst you are at it?


Bonfire night need not be over. If you’re a fan of the burns unit or homelessness this could be right up your rue -

Also free to a good home (before you plug it in)

*Please note if you do not know exactly what you are doing the above is not for you.


I am an expert with coffee machines, these look like they will make an excellent brew :+1:


I hadn’t realised that I replied onto the open forum…Good that the mods deleted it … I have replied by Pm now …Phew !


too late, the bots have hoovered up your data for profiling.


I’ve moved :grinning:


Arrived today.
Thanks Nick


Yep mine too - much appreciated Nick, even if Scarlett let herself down by saying ‘what’s that then?’ before quickly realising she had let herself down.




May have a use for those (the transformers anyway) Will have a look next time I come in.