Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


The doors ones left?
I’d like!


Indeed it is Steve - I’ll get it off to you on Monday :+1:


Which Doors pressings did you get?


No special pressings I just ordered them off Amazon - I thought it was time to get them on vinyl. :+1:



Still available chaps


All The Doors albums are Rhino 180g pressings with L.A. Woman also being the fancy cover version except Waiting For The Sun which is a French pressing and cockpuch to the twat who thought putting a blue box with white writing on the front cover was an great idea.

In The Right Place has a rather nifty cover as well :+1:


I’ll take LA Woman if it’s still available


It is indeed - pm me your address and I’ll pop it in the post tomorrow :+1:


Which doors one did I get?
Confused now!
Thanks anyway!


The Doors





All CD’s now on their way chaps :+1:


And received today! It will be spinning tonight, thanks again Allan. :+1:


Got mine too Allan, cheers mate!


Got mine too, thanks Allan.


and received here and enjoyed!

thanks Allan


Just walked in to mine. Very kind. Will help populate my new not new cd shelves…


I have a lot of Tassimo cartridges for a Tassimo coffee machine that I used to use.

All are Americano, three boxes of 144g x 5

Free collection only from CW8. If you know somebody who can pick them up, feel free to arrange it.

Two in date (2019) one Nov 2018.



This should be moved the covfaffe thread as they’ll be appreciated there.


I doubt it