Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


I stuck a duplicate there to troll the coffee snobs


Are they slow Brew pods?




Wife and M in L uses them. But you’d have to post. Which I’d pay for.

If not, keep trying!



Gone to @murrayjohnson.


Found at the back of a cupboard, an Olympus PEN EP-1 (I think).

The first micro 4/3 camera? Obviously a bit outmoded now, but might suit an enthusiastic child etc.

Has the 14-42 kit zoom, battery etc. and a 16 Gb card (don’t worry, I’ve erased all the weird midget porn).

Comes with a shoebox full of crap, most of whose purpose is at best opaque to me.

As usual I’d rather not ship - preferably you collect from London SE21, or I plan to be at Jim’s bake next weekend.


Could i take this for my son to practice with at school?


Of course :+1:

Please just PM me and we can sort out logistics.


Had one of those and I think it’s a really good camera, I bought an adapter off eBay that allowed me to buy some really cheap standard lenses and use them.


Stu I may a bag to fit it all in …will bring to Jim’s


I’ve got a JVC 19 inch I think flat screen telly.Ideal for a youngsters bedroom,The remote is with it …I can’t post it but will take it to Jim’s for the lucky person who wants it ,hopefully someone attending …Free…


Just got the camera and bag off guy. Many thanks to you and Micky :+1::+1::+1:


Ed Wynne - Shimmer Into Nature

Vinyl only, no cover. Slight dishing and an audible scratch on the lead-in groove in side 2. This record was replaced by Burning Shed so if anyone wants this copy, please make a small donation to https://www.clicsargent.org.uk/ and I’ll whack it in the post.

OK, it’s not free, but it’s a good cause.


Two boxes of Hifi Mags - Hifi Critic, HFN, HFW and HF+


Set of 8 spike feet. About 10p size, bit scratched.

Set of 12 M8 plastic feet


Could I bagsy the feet please?


Sure, pm your address

Here’s one


Could I have the spike feet please, if not already gone?


Sure. Could you pm your details, they are a bit scruffy but would do a job.