Being a digital numpty, I was was wondering if there was anyway of running Spotify on my laptop (plugged into the hifi through a usb DAC), but controlling it from my phone?

Yeah I know, I has the thick.

Spotify Connect :+1:


What he said :point_up_2:

Start listening, tap the “speakers” icon bottom right

Select where you want the music to play (my laptop is running Spotify and is called IGGY - for no obvious reason)

The rest of the options there are Sonos boxes.

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Ah! Thanks guys, I shall investigate :+1:

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Make sure you start it playing on your laptop or your phone probably won’t connect to it

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Aha, top tip, cheers.

I have been using a Chromecast Audio, but it drops out now and then, and is rather annoying!

Would also eliminate laptop + DAC.

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The ZP80 thing looks dead handy, very happy to contribute to post etc!

You’ve got an Android or iPhone, right?

I guess so if you’re planning on driving Spotify with it.

Please chuck me your address. I’ll find a shoebox and post it when it stops raining next week.

@Stepmotheratomicbomb can sort you out with how to drive it :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I’ve got a Samsung thing👍

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If can plug into a Lan connection and you can find a CCA Ethernet adapter, it will no doubt solve that problem -
Depends on the quality of your internet connection of course.
I can play CCA indefinitely without any drop outs like this.

Next step is to cut the horrible Switching mode built in PSU out and feed it some lovely linear volts.
It’s a bit of DIY though.

Even better feed it Qobuz.
CCA really shines then!

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