Streaming system for a grand. All in

Bloke at work wants something nice to listen to, his mostly higher res MP3’s on. Not an audiophile but is into music, prepared to spend about £1K.

I was thinking:
@ £699.00

And this Denon @ £449.00 , as it has the excellent HEOS system built in.

So £1150.00.

Would you go s/h, if so, what would you go for?

You still on the Sonos, Jimbo? I would have thought that’s still a strong contender.

I am, but by the time he’s bought a connect, and an amp he doesn’t have much left for speakers. The Denon HEOS system is very good.

Q Acoustics 3050 £349 at Richer Sounds

Plus Bluesound PowerNode 2i £799

about £1150 in total
no built in CD player mind you

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HEOS and the app are great. My SiL has one. To my ears it sounds no different to the Marantz MCR611 which is cheaper and has a DAB radio for backup when the Internet breaks. I don’t know whether the Marantz plays higher res MP3s. If the build quality of the Denon all-in-one is like the CEOL CD player I have, then it’ll be a well build system.

Also the Sonos Amp (not Connect:AMP it’s a new thing with > twice the jiggawatts) out in a couple of months. Plus a £500 pair of speakers.

I intend to move to this plus the Q acoustics model one up from the ones you’ve shown.

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Chromecast Audio, Topping TP22 amp and £900 on whatever speakers he likes the sound of.


Sonos thing and a pair of KEF LS50. or save more pennies and just get a pair of KEF LS50 Wireless


PiDac plus stuff?

Secondhand Auralic Mini and Acoustic Energy AE1 Actives?

Cheers all. Will forward in all suggestions.

Have you heard the tp22? Is it powerful enough to drive big speakers to decent levels?
(Thinking of using 1 or 2 to drive my speakers which are 96db, as I’m DSPing the whole thing)

No, but it should be. At 96dB a 2020 6W thing should be fine, the 2022 should be overkill, but why not?

I have found that when you are digital active with DSP, you’re much less sensitive to amps.

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Yes, anything interesting in the music has been fucked off by then. :grinning:


I had a Topping TP60 once, bloody awful thing, killed any life in the music.

I found the same with Lyngdorf kit with DSP. Worst mistake I ever made and glad to be shut of it.

My new phono stage should arrive on Friday, looking forward to DSPing my vinyl, I expect it’ll sound great.

I am sceptical about those amps mind. I’m after a couple of small powerfull monoblocks that can sit behind on ontop of my speakers. Or a decent valve amp, I only need 1 input.

The AN kit 1 I had a few years ago would be ideal, wish I hadn’t sold it.

Buy him a copy of What Hifi. Point him towards a forum that you used to own, but really fucking stupidly sold to the greatest cockwomble on tinternets (yes more than you or I). You will have started him off on his journey then.
Two months down the line ask him what cables he is using. Maybe later discuss fuses. He will admire you for it. Or summat.

Squeezebox classic and £900 pair of actives

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