Any thoughts on Volumio primo vs Allo digi one signature as a first time go at streaming.

I gave up on volumio as it was a bit flakey, easy to install and setup with a nice interface for tidal and Qobuz but the USB kept throwing wobbles causing the DAC to freeze/lock. Even tried it with a USB > SPDIF converter and the volumio Pi still had issues.

Personally I’d go with LMS on a Pi and another running squeezelite as the endpoint (or even better buy a secondhand SBT)

Are you streaming your own ripped music or not?

Please could the OP or a mod please decapitalise the thread title. Thanks.

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I feel what the op is really trying to say is recommend me a turntable or R2R.

Personally I would recommend the Technics SP-10. Lovely turntable that is. Or a Gyrodec, as I think they are pretty.


Hope to do both although all my cds are already on my pc and onto my i-pod which only gets used on long walks.Main reason is to listen to albums before i buy them on vinyl,brought to many disappointing ones over the last few yrs.

Is that better?

Yes, thanks.

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Have a N/A Dais, vinyl is my main source R2R to much faff.

I’ve been using volumio for years with no usb issues. You don’t need the primo, just build one yourself in a nice case. Takes about 20mins tops to set up.

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I’ve got a squeezebox touch in the garage somewhere. Didn’t really realise they were still relevant. Is there anything worth knowing regarding updating or remote apps etc before I dig it out?

It’s worth getting the latest beta (“nightly”) version of the server software, which has many fixes, and has all the excellent Qobuz/Tidal/Spotify integration.

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I use an Allo Digione Signature as a Roon endpoint. Very happy. Tried Volumnio but after a trial of Roon couldn’t go back. For the same sort of money I would consider a S/H Auralic Aries mini or Bluesound Node 2i as they have better UI without the cost of Roon, and I imagine would be easier to set up.

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Thanks Adam, help me out with a link if possible. My music’s on an old Synology nas…

Have you got something to run LMS on?


8.2 is the best version at the mo

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I’ve got a Synology nas, squeezebox touch and a Mac mini that I don’t use in a cupboard so I guess I could install it on there? Sorry this is all new to me. Newb alert. :tired_face:

Looking at your link I could stick it on the Mac. I’ll have play tomorrow hangover situation dependant.

Which model Synology?