Stuff your other half does that annoys you


very little my wonderful lady does that irriates me , but when she spends half an hour picking out the fluff from a vacuum filter with tweezers i get a bit peeved …


She must be a saint.


I had sex once - There was no clean up beaker.


she is :grinning:


Lovely though she is Claire has a completely different perspective on how to pack cupboards and drawers.
I like things to be easily gettable but that is not on her radar. Typically I have to uncover things needed regularly by moving once in a blue moon use items.

Today I fancied sweeping the floor. The broom is buried and Indiana Jones mode is needed to be to extract it as the hook is a tight fit


are you feeling well?


At least he didn’t say “Today I thought the floor needed sweeping. It took me ages to track down my other half and ask her why she wasn’t doing it.”.



I didn’t really fancy doing it however I was preempting a likely request. I have just spent £550 on a new phone
doing the housework from time to time just proves it’s not all about me.


Generally she’s ok - nags a bit when I leave the washing up and she’s on a night shift even though i cooked, moans about having to do the washing even though if i do it I shrink or recolour everything anyway all her mates are watching that shit show of human waste and vapid media whoring cunts that is Love Island. This means I am subjected to it’s neuron withering radiation too usually I fend it off with the comparatively intellectual heights of facebook and instaspam, but last night my phone died halfway through and i can still feel my IQ draining this afternoon.
She’s back on it tonight… must remember to charge phone AND iPad. God help me


TV and hi-fi in separate rooms works for me…


less annoying than a thing of bewilderment is Louise’s astonishing lack of geographical awareness. Often thinking that places are close together or placing Scottish cities in Wales for example.

Last night we were talking about a forthcoming trip we have to Cardiff and what we might do with our free time. She suggested we avoided telling her (pain in the arse) father who might want to drive over from where he lives (in Liskeard, Cornwall) to Cardiff. Despite knowing his address, and having looked at it on the map she thinks Liskeard is near Taunton.

In fact she breathed a sigh of relief when I reminded her that Liskeard to Cardiff is a 5 hour drive and even her loopy father wouldn’t attempt to pop in on us in Cardiff.


Why not just ditch the telly & buy another stereo? There’s nothing good on anyway.
Then you could have hi-fi & hi-fi in separate rooms :+1:


Apple tarts are happy with iPhone speakers, that’s why.


A stereo and headphones are your friend.


Or … You know… a fucking book.


The top shelf is out of fashion these days… Or do you mean something arty like Jeff Koons and Cicciolina?


Yes I’ve now taken to bringing the kindle downstairs now…