Stuff your other half does that annoys you


She has had the final word, I know by now when I’m beaten. I’ll be driving up on Saturday afternoon and the most I can hope for is to whine enough that she agrees to us going to a pub that’s showing the match for dinner.

Luckily Lauren wants to watch the match, and probably a couple of our mates kids and probably the only other bloke going will want to as well, so there’ll be plenty of pester power.

Need to find a nearby decent pub/restaurant that is showing the match now.


The Royal Oak in Cartmel will probably be showing it nice garden for kids etc. Although the food is better in the sister pub The Kings Arms


Cheers Simon,

Actually been in both of those a few times and they’re nice, so problem solved, thanks mate.




You played it all wrong, you should have gone along with it and then had a strategic injury to a leg or something, so the weekend can’t happen.


She knows all my avoidance strategies by now Bob, and anyway, it’s not as if it’s going to be actually horrible, we always have a great time, and thanks to Simons help I’ll almost definitely get to see the match.


if that were Louise and I, she’d have me go to A&E


Also I showed my hand way too early by mentioning the footie almost immediately. If I’d played it very, very cool, there’s an extreme outside chance that I’d have got away with pulling a sickie.

Mentioned the Royal Oak and Kings Arms to her just now and she’s not actually said no, so should be fine.


I’d love to read the equivalent threads on the forums your partners’ frequent.


Get on a train to Barrow, find a boozer, get pissed, watch match and put up with shit later. Sorted.


mrs mws calls the ends of a loaf “nubbins”


Mumsnet makes for some great reading.


Not sure what the problem would have been assuming he had some of this to hand as any right thinking person would have.



Oops, wrong thread. While I am here though…

Complaining about the routes I drive when she doesn’t even have a licence.


That stuff ruuuules.


The only annoying thing my other half does is when she gets a puncture…


You mean when she goes down on you? :thinking:


can’t you get run flats these days?


It’s ok, I’ve got a spare in the boot. :smile: