Stuff your other half does that annoys you


Nothing, I have only known her for two months :roll_eyes:


Gets upset when I come in late and wake her up.

Although it is nearly one a.m. and I arrived at work at 8 a.m. yesterday!

And I haven’t even left yet. She may have a point…



In the spare room, I have two desks which go round the corner of a room with a filing cabinet to the side. Dividers for all the house/mortgage related stuff, our personal documents (one each) and the car paper work/receipts, etc.

Cue me offering to phone a utility company for her, I open the filing cabinet and it is fucking cunted. I spend an hour rearranging it all, then can’t find what I need. THAT paper work?

“Oh sorry babe, its in the cupboard under the sink.”

Under the fucking SINK?

Also: When repairing stuff for HER, if I leave my tools out, especially in the old days when my tool boxes were in the downstairs washroom, she’d gather them all up, put them under the sink, but only tell me this after I’ve assumed I’ve lost/binned them myself during the mental breakdown days and replaced them.




Your pain, brother: I feels it.


nothing really…oh maybe accepting the shit replacements Ocado provides when they are out of stock of the nice stuff we’ve ordered.


My Mrs does (or doesn’t do) fucking loads of stuff which used to drive me completely insane.

But I learned years ago that she’ll not change, so I just ignore it now and stay cool. :sunglasses:


I’m a cunt and anyone that’s put up with a cunt is surely a cunt.
I’m a saint and anyone that puts with a saint is surely a cunt.
Reading this will surely annoy a half of us


Complain periodically that her car “smells hot” after driving it despite the fact that there’s nothing wrong with it, to the point where I now don’t bother to go and check it.

Then complain that it “smells hot” when in fact what she meant to say is that there’s a hole in the radiator and the coolant was busy disappearing in a cloud of steam when she reached her destination. Despite this, it was “OK” on the drive home, apparently. :roll_eyes:


Not a damn thing. Though the opposite is very much the case.

But I’d get RSI if I started typing it out…


She saves every single bit of paper in including envelopes that come with bank statements,utility bills, club books ext and never culls the junk or unfolds things when storing them. We end up full to the gunnels with 90% useless bumpf 10% important stuff. As a result our suspension storage system is all but unusable. Stashing passports in a pile of junk mail = Normal. It makes me so mad that I have to walk away. If there was one thing I would change about her it would be this one. If I couldn’t make her a little more nubile that is.


Learned many years ago that sneaking in and trying to be quiet never works, there will always be a bollocking the next morning.
The solution is to enter your abode normally and in stage whispers state that when you get to bed swmbo is going to get a right royal rogering, brace yourself girl.
Outcome - wife asleep when you get to bed and no whingeing and ‘oh, you must have been late getting in last night’ the next morning. Works a treat.


'ain’t that the real truth for most all of us?


Right, car related stuff today. I suspect this is an entire sub-genre waiting to be mined.

Firstly, her car is a shithole inside. Empty crisp packets, deodorant bottles, banana skins, receipts, scraggy phone charger that’s frayed because it’s not been looked after. Fucking hateful.

Secondly, she changes up too early. Car’s dawdling along at just over 1k revs, clogging up with god-knows-what diesel crap. Also, doesn’t anticipate gearing for road situations. You can see a spot where you’ll need to slow down up ahead. Change down in good time beforehand? No. Change gear in the middle of the situation instead. Arrggghhhhh.


Possibly the most middle class post on any forum ever.
Anyway, my missus is responsible for the most demonic farts I have ever encountered, walking through the cloud has made me gag on many occasions and left me with an unpleasant taste in my mouth.


@jim heavyweight belt challenge?


Has a phenomenal memory for the content of disagreements we had years ago, never accurately recalled and needless to say I’m still wrong. If the error of her recall is questioned, then a disagreement about a disagreement ensues, resulting in dumb and deaf breakfasts.


After watching a recording she will always fast forward to the very end of the recording, as opposed to stopping and/or deleting it. Winds me up a fucking treat. Every fucking time, aaaaggghghhhh


Exemplary VHS practise.


I have to suffer the same gearing situation - I tutted once, big mistake.


Same here except my wife always manages to deflate one completely, usually because it’s so squashed into the kerb that there is a finger sized gap between rim and tyre.
The other thing she does that pisses me off is her fart denial. ‘You stink- own it’