Stuff your other half does that annoys you


She can fall asleep, at will, in minutes. As someone who it can take hours to nod off, it pisses me off beyond belief. Unfair probably, but whatever.


Manages to shrink all my knitwear to her size…Perfectly

Fuck you Hotpoint.


that’s me - just have to lie on the sofa and I’m off. Louise on the other hand can take hours and fidgets away whilst trying. Although she falls asleep instantly when watching the TV


That’s a bit harsh.


Not a great deal tbh, but then that’s a good enough reason to be annoyed, on its own.




Considering the foibles and idiosyncrasies of the average Abattoirist, I think you’re all incredibly lucky to find someone to put up with you.


^^ A fair point.


Luck, coercion, Stockholm syndrome, whatever.


Yea, but we’ve all got one thing in common, a cunt.


Wouldn’t say i’m lucky,it cost me a few grand to get my other half.


Clutter. The house is piled high with bargains. However, don’t buy one, buy three. They’ll last a lifetime!


Thai ones are cheaper


Kazakh ones are goers


Welsh ones are noahs


Always late and last minute.

Supposed to be picking her up at 8.45 tonight…no sign of her so far.

The older I get the earlier I need to be there. The opposite for her.

Does my dinger in.


Plays Forge of Empires ALL the time.

ALL the time. It’s the first thing she thinks of in the morning, and the last thing at night

On the 'phone, on the lappy, at work, in the car (when I’m driving, natch, and it means I ALWAYS drive), on holiday, in the pub, at friends homes, with relatives . . .

ALL the fucking time, and this has gone on for over 4 years now.

It’s a shitty, endlessly repetitive and childishly easy game - fortunately she’s not stupid enough to pay for the various shortcuts etc.

Just occasionally she’ll twat-about on facebook, but that’s it - she needs a bomb under her to get her to do anything else - forget cooking, tidying, normal stuff… Doesn’t happen.

Got lucky really, her old man’s a MASSIVE alkie, so the addictive personality thing was inevitable and could be SO much worse.


Still waiting.


:open_mouth: My piss would be bubbling by now…


True, at least she didn’t get addicted to the Naim upgrade crack pipe.