Stuff your other half does that annoys you


Back home now. Anger has dissipated as she was trying to buy a snowshovel at Sainsburys.

Add to the list her ability to make me feel like a twat at the drop of a hat.


It’s not enough. I need more.


Never mind Stu you can shovel the snow. :grinning:


Transcranial magnetic therapy


my lovely lady is almost perfect but she insists on keeping a great big rocking horse when the kids grew out of it years ago… takes up a quarter of our spare room


Yeah and you don’t clutter the house with your hifi nonsense?

I’d take a rocking horse everyday rather than a dog whistle in the fucking spice rack.


It’s not often you read that.


Rocking horse shit


imagine mistakenly grating a dog whistle into your custard tart instead of nutmeg.


‘Tis an old proverb from the 4th century


It certainly wins the “Strange Shit Yer Mrs Does” category.

I have to huff a LOT of jenkem to come-up with shit like that…


I do that :+1:


Gets up really early and proceeds to make as much racket as possible whilst not actually getting ready. She watches some shit on her phone like ‘Death in Paradise’ at full fucking volume, barges her way into the shower first despite the fact that I have to leave well before she does, and after all that she is consistently and unapologetically late every single day for every single thing she has to go to.

Her car is also like @browellm 's wife’s - but with added fags and empty cigarette packets.


Me too, I do that. :+1:


More of a 2 way issue but I was told I was “mansplaining” by offering direction on putting up a blind in the kitchen, asking on an explanation on how she was going to do it I was forced to use the word “splaintard”…that and buying junk from charity shops.


…and this, we recently had a day of shifting a lot of stuff from our place into storage, I noticed that Su had vanished. Looked about to find her in the bedroom. What are you doing?..making bunting was the response.


Sam has a variation of this that drives me fucking apeshit - she invariably sets the radio-alarmclock for half an hour before she needs to get up (5:50) - and promptly goes back to sleep for half an hour while the radio keeps me wide a-fucking-wake for no good reason at-all.

She absolutely cannot begin to grasp how spectacularly fucking retarded this is, and considers me thoroughly unreasonable for objecting to losing half an hour’s sleep needlessly every day…


Claire does that with a subtle sadistic twist. She’s got the snooze function set for 5 minutes, which is just about long enough for me to drop off again, and uses the whole of the 1/2 hour… “blahhhhhhcrappylocalradiodj…thump”, 5 minutes later “blahhhhhhcrappylocalradiodj…thump” over and fucking over…

Her car is a a biohazard zone, invariably running on fumes whenever I need to use it and she insists on main dealer servicing, mainly I suspect because they valet it so it’s not a total shit tip for a week or so a year.

She will absolutely not accept criticism even with 100% cast iron proof she’s wrong and goes thermonuclear in response.


We need a picture of the inside of the car as evidence.


See, now that’s nice; you’ve got a jar of cocktail sticks while a single bloke like myself is stuck eating with my fingers. MY FINGERS!
You should thank your lucky stars every single day :upside_down_face: