Stuff your other half does that annoys you


I’m a roiling vortex of seething venom at the moment.

I can tell you that for nowt.


She was on that ride for a while before I knew her . . . last piece went a few years ago, thank fuck…


Those games are seriously addictive, I have been caught up in a few of them in the past. When you get to the point that you are considering setting an alarm for a ridiculous time of night because that is when you will have finished building, equiping, fighting whatever so you can do the next thing it is really getting out of hand.
Then there is the feeling of loss if you walk away and all that time investment means nothing, even worse if you start looking at fucking forums dedicated to the game.

Class A mindfucks all of them games


Games ? Hi-Fi ?

Meh !


Except that there is a product and a value in hifi, those games are purely designed to get you to spend money with no product at all.


Spoken to her about it several times - rowed as well - hasn’t missed a beat playing it. Won’t for a second admit it’s a problem.

I suspect it played a part in her last job ending rather badly - just too much displacement activity, not enough time tackling the issues higher up the food chain…


Good advice, I try to be like this.

Mrs C’s favorite trick is to put important things somewhere safe so they can’t be lost then forget where they are. Problem is this safe place is completely random.

A couple of years ago she took out £250 cash to pay for a job then the next day when we needed it she couldn’t find it. Turned the house upside down trying to find it and eventually gave up. Turned up a year later in a pair of her socks :grinning:


I find some of the stuff in this thread reassuring - Sam does a lot of this stuff and it’s actually good to know that a lot of it is commonplace!


My daughter is addicted to one of them, currently doing her A-Levels. I just thank christ computers weren’t that much of a distraction when I was studying as I doubt I’d have even passed.


Early PC games appeared when I was working in IT - total crapola like Digdug and Star Command* - I got WAY too much into them, quickly figured out how to rewrite them to do what I wanted, and wasted insane amounts of time. Scared myself straight and never touched one since. Sam’s not the only one with an addictive personality… :poop:


There’s a generation coming through who’ve grown up fully absorbed by a range of exceptionally addictive activities. I feel extremely sorry for them. They’ve been the unwitting guinea pigs in an experiment whose implications for society are as yet unknown.


Ah losing stuff. She once lost cinema tickets between the till and the guy checking them. Of course rather than just sort of accepting shit happens, she has full meltdown.


Possibly, although in the past, a huge number of jobs were incredibly repetitive - another form of compulsion, perhaps.


Thing is, no-one chose that, it was simply the order of things…


Becoming a lot better known though, by the fucking founders of the companies that instigated them, no less !


Entirely different to the reward/dopamine tickling of seeking gaining & needing peer approval earned through social media.


Oh, and she lost tickets to the Louvre between the machine and the turnstile.

Lost recently: Purse (all the time), credit cards, keys, I bought her some nice fountain pens, about five of them in a nice case, gone.


True. I’m addicted to a phone game as well, although because it’s location based it ends up as a way of meeting up for coffee or beer. And then when with fellow players we generally put phones away and pontificate. I convince myself that is healthier.


My job is very repetitive. At first it seems ball achingly labour intesive. Then parts of it become easier and when you really get into them you find that the hours fly by and somehow it makes you feel good. Gradually, the hard bits become easy and the easier bits a doddle and because of the repetition it is possible to get into a state which I find difficult to describe but I expect, is sort of a mindfulness. At its best it just feels effortless and stress free and everything just flows. It is very addictive! When I am busy, I just can’t wait to get to work. Most of the stress of the last couple of days commuting has been because I am itching to get in the workshop and get into it.

I guess some of the above could be describing a computer game.


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