Stupid insurance quotes


A bit bored so doing the autotrader thing and quite fancy a Lexus IS-F so wondered what the meerkats has to say about insurance… Not too bad, still within the realms of possible according to my man maths.
Decide to scroll down to see what the worst quote was… thinking maybe a few grand from the chancers…




Swift Cover are getting the boot for a stupid renewal on my car insurance…nearly £600 quid a year for a 10 year old Vectra for christs sake…they are having a giraffe!


You can do some damage with that SRi though, its just a blur of silver when it passes me in a morning. That’s when I’m awake enough to notice its you waving at me. :grin:


At least it doesn’t do that Astra thing where the Doppler shift means it looks blue as it’s approaching but red as it’s leaving.



Car insurance - £169.98

Saga :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t think @julian2002 is an old cunt like you. (&me)


You only have the 1 road and about 10 cars.


Well, he’s not old…

Quite so, but strangely my insurance allows me to drive anywhere in the UK. The policy is based on 3,000 miles/year which is a bit of an overestimate. :grin:


If planes and boats were included though, it would be loads more :smile:




£170 per year with eSure and I’m a baby compared to the old man and the sea @pmac


Our premium dropped by £100 when we moved here, presumably because of the almost zero chance of it being stolen.

Which is just as well, I haven’t locked the car on Fetlar for 2 1/2 years :wink:


swinton sent our last premium for my wifes class 1 corsa , 453 per annum with well known company . contacted that company direct and got same cover for 350

would love to put our nipper on the same policy but as you may recall the quote was crazy for him to drive it . something just under 5k . stupid

mind you so many dont bother about insurance and i have spent 6 months trying to get an uninsured car removed with no success . council , councillors , dvla x 5 times , police !!!


Actual insurance for my actual car is about £300 a year. Not bad for a hybrid / 3.3l behemoth.
As for being old - I’m still clinging to my 40’s for another 2 months yet.

We also had issue with a ‘dumped’ car. Also had problems getting it moved as it was ‘legal’ (mot, tax, insurance, etc.) If however it was in a state of disrepair, say flat tyres, broken windows, jagged bodywork, etc. It could be deemed unsafe and removal expedited… just saying…


ha , yes . be nice if someone rendered it dangerous , might be moved then . but its a shiny merc with one flat tyre since august last year. !


Be even better if it was nicked. That way there would be no towing costs.



Just about to change mine,do i need a letter proving my no claims if i change company?


I haven’t needed one the last few times, just told the new company who my old company was and the policy number. I think they all talk to each other about this stuff to prevent fraud.


Nope it’s recorded in MIB now so when you get the quote they confirm it via that.