Stupid insurance quotes

Have you not seen the puctures of his hifi?

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I’ve seen and heard the hifi! But even at full retail it’s worth less than half that. I’m not sure I’d want to insure it for full retail unless I knew some shady gangster types who could fake a heist…

All risks includes new-for-old. Yes you’re right, about 50% is for the hifi. When you really think about it, if the bungalow went up in flames, that’s probably quite conservative. The replacement figure for the deck/arm/cart alone is nearing £60k. A new M7 is over £30k, etc etc.
The fact that I paid only a fraction of those prices is irrelevant.


It’s an interesting problem really. It looks like you’re paying an extra grand or so for that coverage, so you’ll get £250k (say) if it goes up in flames, when it cost you £100k (say). If you could get an entirely adequate replacement for £100k, is it worth paying for the extra cover? I don’t have the answer, but it’s worth thinking about.

Got Kate’s insurance for £75 cheaper than her quote from LV
Carole Nash was cheapest.

How do you arrive a new price for the horns, not like you could order a new pair?
Interested as I haven’t a clue how to value my speakers.

“Pete, can you take a sabbatical from work and build me a new set of horns for a hundred grand?”
“Sure, if I can subcontract the routing to Adam…”


The obvious answer is to pay less and have reduced cover. If the insurance Co only had to cover what I paid, then insured value would plummet. But I don’t want to do that.

This was a difficult one. I discussed it (commissioning the remaking of them to the same design) with the broker. He, I and the Aviva underwriter agreed on a figure of £75k.

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I’m thinking my £8 a month contents insurance might not be enough


I have this fantasy conversation in my mind

Me I lost my LV Air Scouts in a fire
Insurer You are insured new for old
Me But they are not made anymore
Insurer What is the equivalent in their current range?
Me Vox Palladians :grinning:



The fact that I’ve seen worse arguments doesn’t mean that you’d win that one, I imagine :crazy_face: