Stu's exhausting car search

Having a look at cars, just found an x type jag estate that’s the same price as most other estates of the same year, milage.


Don’t know about the more modern ones, but my brother-in-law’s older jag incurs truly eye-watering maintenance costs. It seems to need lots of regular work and everything’s expensive, even in Stockport, where he lives.


The X-type was a re-bodied Mondeo. I have had a few jags, and yes, they can run up some costs. But the X-type shouldn’t.

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You may as well get a mondeo. It’ll be cheaper to get bits and it’s basically the same car

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That sounds like good news. My, er, un-re-bodied Mondeo is cheap to keep on the road.


I wouldn’t buy one, but was surprised how cheap it is
2.2 diesel with 116,000 miles

Any car of that age can be anything from a nightmare to blissfully trouble-free, depending on a mixture of maintenance, driving habits of previous owners, and how well built it was in the first place.

One thing I’ve noticed is that Mundane-o’s of that era seem to rust out early and fast, but I’ve not personally seen a rusty X-type.

Such a fucking lottery buying used cars…

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I wouldn’t bother with the FWD diesel, but the 4WD 2.5 and 3.0L V6 petrol X-types were nice, and are now bargains.

Had a 2.0D Saloon as a company car a good few years ago. Nice to drive, nice inside no leg room in the back.
Like Paul’s says it’s a lottery, if it has any service history might be worth a punt.

And of course economical to run (say ex-Bentley owners and no body else).

Don’t buy luxury cars if you can’t afford fuel!

Back to reality
Same as what I have, but with just 55,000 miles


Focus estates …nuff said

Ps. I know fuck all about cars and the two I’ve had never cost more that a salty butter smother on toast a day.

Each one more than five years old, lasted the double of that


Have considered a nice RX-8?


He did say that he needed a new shed.


Are Brown Volvos no longer A Thing?


Was offered a v70 a few weeks ago.
Trying keep the running cost as low as possible
Fed up paying £300 tax a year.
Found an astra ecoflex locally, but need to find out if ecoflex engines are any good

Paging @PapaLazarou

The 1.3 would be nice, but like everything, reviews are mixed

Tempted to go for this.
Has new mot and looks tidy

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