Stylus cleaning


don’t you need two for stereo?


Nice pics Mark. Any idea how much use that stylus has had?


Flogged to death IMO


No idea tbh.


Amazing images Mark :+1:


how quickly do they wear? Given diamond is pretty much the hardest thing known to man, and that a record must be made of a softer material, I am surprised that records don’t wear quicker than styli?


They do. A stylus should last a couple of thousand hours. if you played a record for that long, it would be fucked. :+1:


Except an lp groove is about 1km long :slight_smile:


No wonder CD’s caught on.


ok that makes sense


Yeah its heaven sent for Prog.


I assume that makes the stylus wear much quicker, which is one of the reasons it sounds like shit.


Prog records never wear, cos no fucker ever plays them…

'cept @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi and @charliechan of course


Yes, the prolonged high frequencies from flute solos with added cape resonances causes havoc…


I bet they destroy those cigarette lighter tweeter thingies in a flash…


Steady, you’d be bored if you were banned over Christmas :smirk:


Fuck, Santa’s put us on the naughty list.


the implication of course, since your tweeters are fine, is that you have a better taste in music!


Well retrieved sir! :grinning:


A soft material moving fast on a hard material causes wear to the hard material. Metal polishing is a good example.