Supex 900 with ESC stylus - Trade anyone?

I have a Supex 900 with a sapphire cantilever and an ESC Paratrace stylus I wish to trade for something like a BENZ Glider (either HIGH or medium output) or similar.

This is the finest cartridge I have ever owned but the problem now is that the output is far too low for my present system and I don’t want to go down the road of phono stages or SUT’s.

It is due back with me tomorrow and will have zero hours.

Rob998 - Yes I am mad

I knew that mate, but I’m shocked that this is going, it’s bloody lovely, was looking forward to hearing it with the retip.

First Chris @thebiglebowski virtually giving his Tune Audios away, now this. Is it the end days and no-one has told me yet?

I’d be interested in this - I’ve got a Benz wood low output or a Koetsu Black. The Wood was retipped by Roberto Torlai and used for a few months before I changed over to a Benz LPS. The Koetsu was retipped by Dom at NW Analogue but I prefer the LPS so it only played 5 or 6 records.
I haven’t looked into relative values yet. What do you think?

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I’d be interested but my problem is I am trying to avoid low output cartridges as I’d have to up my phono stage (ARC PH1) to a MC stage or use SUT’s. Neither of which I want to go down that road if possible.


In that case I’ve also got a Benz Wood high output (2mV iirc) which used to work very nicely into an Audion valve MM phono stage. It was re-fettled by Benz in Switzerland a few years ago (7? 8?) and has sat unused in a drawer ever since.
I don’t really fancy taking my LPS off the arm & having to re-adjust it again afterwards in order to test the Wood HO. However I’m happy to post it to you to try - if you like it we can talk about the swap. If not, just post it back. Send me a pm if you’re interested & we can sort addresses etc.

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Whoops. I have just realised my mistake and edited my post. It should have read high output!

I am very interested in the Benz High. I am using an ACE M at the moment and love everything about Benz.

I will post a few photos of the Supex in the morning.

In between can you send me a PM as I am unsure how you start a PM conversation on here

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