Synology NAS recommendation

My old NAS is too ancient to run the latest LMS and good time to update. Looking to replace with a newer Synology with say 2x3tb drives.

Not a heavy user so don’t need the latest spec but want it to last a good few years.

Any recommendations for NAS and seller.


Last time I bought it was just from Amazon (so long as your scruples allow).

Probs a 220?

You can select the different drive manufacturers and sizes.

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what do you want it to do?

I am looking at a new one, with more memory as we thrash ours (esp with the IP cameras)

I don’t like Synology so in typical AA style I’m going to recommend something you didn’t ask for



You could keep what you have and get a Raspberry Pi to act as music server if you wanted. I imagine the old Synology is fine if you’re just serving files.

What does the NAS do?

Do you still use the Modwright Transporter as well as your Roon box?

I thought you just played CD’s on the Lehmann and streamed from Quboz? Do you need storage?

I’m not very good with computers, is a raspberry pi easy for dummies ?

I was thinking the NAS is old so should replace at some stage in any event ?

I use the transporter really as a tuner bbc listen again. I can’t get the up to date version without new LMS.

Live radio is fine through Roon.

Mainly music storage, a bit of other file storage. Run LMS for squeezebox.

There are loads of guides to setting up Raspberry Pis, and I find it quite fun. If you don’t fancy that, there are packaged installs available for Squeezebox Server that are almost plug and play.

I tend to try to keep stuff until it really is beyond serviceable. I’m not sure this is always the best idea, but I do loathe binning stuff that works.

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Not sure how old the NAS is without checking but 8 years at least at a guess

I dont, it is tedious as hell

I got a Synology 218J some years ago from mine is the unpopulated version so I had to bung in a couple of drives. Can’t recall what they are - probably WD of some flavour.

The whole thing has been very reliable and was easy to set up. I use it to stream flac files and video. It just sits in the study and does it’s thing without fuss. It even updates itself on its own.

Why I live nearby and they are handy. I imagine buy from anywhere you fancy really.

Why a Synology? Somebody on another place (the Big Tent) recommended them and did a “how to” “back of a fag packet guide” and he used a Synology so I just followed suit. Was that Gyroscope? Whoever it was, ta.


After studying some threads on slim devices forum I have managed to update to latest lms and get the iplayer plugins working with highest bitrates.

Old NAS lives to fight another day :grinning:


Music is not high workload for it. Video is a different animal. I’d expect most NAS kit that can do video to easily manage music streaming. The original PIs could do it and your NAS probably has at least that much power.

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The workload for streaming music or video is actually very similar unless you start transcoding which has a much higher overhead for video than audio codecs.

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