Tales from the Ginnel


Every time I see you post in this thread I have the urge to acquire tools and try and make some pieces, but I know it’s going to fall way short of what I’d want it to be like.


Probably will, but next time it will be a little better and the next time…

You know where it’s going


This, just give it a go. Don’t need to spend a shed load on tools, just keep them sharp all the time and buy a bloody accurate engineers set square. Start off with softwood and just start making stuff.


I’ve been musing on making a case for my Remton 383 out of 5mm walnut sheet, a la cut-price Aurorasound Vida.

Likewise, it will be a mess.


I tried a plinth for my Lenco. It was a mess :frowning:


I’ll probably just use Lego instead.


I tried this. It took ages to get the smell of burning lego out of the house. I am beyond hopeless with DIY.



I did make a triangular picture frame a few years ago for a psych event poster I picked up in Brussels when I studied over there.

It is still in one piece, so maybe there is hope.


Feckin’ show-off :angry:


Pretty epic - presumably going to double-up as a shelter for when Best-Korea’s Kim presses the “roundeyes go-away” button…

You’re me, but yellower. :+1:


Just tried lifting it, feck, his rockets would bounce off it!


You do know you can buy wood glue, you don’t need to make your own, yeah?


legs being fitted up, made from Ash with a tenon cut to the top ready for the tutntable shelf to be fitted.


Lovely - I presume you’ve budgeted for a crane to lift the bloody thing into the house?


I have staff at work for that, it’s coming up to staff reporting time and they are young and gullible :slight_smile:


:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: You little fucking beauty! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Many years ago I persuaded two students from work to help me and my brother-in-law heave four 300lb steel beams into my roofspace in return for a curry. Honestly I didn’t have to pressure them at all, but looking back I don’t think I’d be quite so happy about the physical risks now.



I broke the junior staff chap, shame.

Legs on, some dowels to finish off, couple of shelves to make s well as the top platform for the turntables.


Pretty damned magnificent is that :+1:


Much wood :+1: