Tales from the Ginnel


Kwality of the highest order :+1:


Every time I see those speakers I father another child.

Top wood working skills - makes the Concorde model I made in first year look positively shit (which it was).


Adjustable shelves fitted, Braz Mahog. Will take a few weeks to make the final TT shelf for the top, in the meantime just reused one from the old rack. Looks a bit shite, but does the job for now.


In no way looks shite



Christ that is very nearly adequate! Fair play


And so God kills another kitten :+1:


Are you selling your old shelves Bob?


yea, the frame is a bit shite now, but the shelves are entirely usable. Will just add some of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/222229278013?chn=ps&adgroupid=48716125379&rlsatarget=pla-381910299501&abcId=1129946&adtype=pla&merchantid=7385094&googleloc=9046723&device=c&campaignid=974960635&crdt=0&var=521064265652 and pop them up for sale.




Very bloody nice :ok_hand:

You going to do a Hush-platform style top for it Bob - still use and rate mine highly :+1:


A double platform built into the top shelf, hopefully enough space between for a SUT or two.

Bit of progress avec le oak de bog,

Got another wooden adjustable rebate plane given to me the other day, should have enough now to make a fully working one, job for the weekend is that.


How heavy is l’oak de bog?


about 15 to 20% more than standard oak.


Enough to keep me going for a couple of years. One for the 401 and a couple for a 301, might need another rack :slight_smile:


Lovely as always. What timber do you use for the splines?



Is the black one the bog oak? What are the other three @BobC?


Burr Elm sat on the Bog Oak, this will have a Burr Elm top. To the left is an all round Sycamore plinth with Bog oak detailing, to the right a Burr Oak and Sycamore plinth with Lacewood detailing.


I am in awe of your craftsmanship Bob


Some nice Elm, that’s the top for the hifi unit sorted.


Be careful with that axe around nuclear submarines, Bob!

Fylde mandolin sinks Nuclear Submarine

\ 650x484
Another great story from a customer - (proper name withheld just in case, although I am assured it’s all ok) . “Gerry” is currently an Instructor in the Royal Navy, and was onboard HMS Superb, on a secret “sneaky mission”, when someone crashed the submarine into a mountain, under the Red Sea. Oops.

There isn’t much to do in your spare time on a submarine, and in those days, the guys had to share bunks - “hot bedding”, so anywhere to escape to was a blessing. The aft (back end) of the submarine with the engines and reactor, wasn’t very pleasant, so Gerry would spent hours at a time in the cooler Lyser space at the pointy end, playing his Touchstone mandolin, and it came in very handy when things went horribly wrong.

“On 26th May 2008 At deep depth, and at maximum revs, whilst dived in the Red Sea, the submarine hit an underwater mountain. And after quite a stressful moment of carrying out safety drills, we had to perform an emergency surface. The angle of the boat was about 40 degrees and, after what seemed an eternity, we surfaced. Whilst everyone was being warned about phoning home and the command were trying to get guidance from the UK, my first thought was go forward, get 3 cans of beer and head to the lyser shack with my mandolin until everything settled down”

So that is how, with a little poetic licence, a simple Fylde Mandolin save hundreds of lives and prevented world war three.

On subsequent patrols in other submarines, Gerry has played his mandolin all around the globe, sometimes on the sea, sometimes under it, without further incident!

“Our mandolin has been through a lot with me, If not for your message I could have made a very big mistake, and got rid of it. As I write this I realise that your handmade mandolin has been a very close companion and has brought me much comfort. Thank you for your skill, which has brought joy to many people. I am only one of them”.

Not sure what to say to that. Thank you?

Anyway, with apologies to Gerry, here is a bit of fun.

Link to video

What a shame “Mandolin” doesn’t work in place of “Ukulele”


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