Tales from the Ginnel


What a very satisfying job you have Bob.


Sinking sub’s?


Hard to define a board, but in terms of density it’s about 15% greater than equivalent Oak, ie quarter to quarter or plank to plank cuts.


Started jointing the boards for the new hi-fi cabinet, crown cut oak in the main for the carcass.


Do you rely on a good glue joint or use dowells or biscuits etc?


Just a good glue joint, using PU glue. Just square the edges off then, with a slightly convex blade on the No8, remove a sliver from down the center of each edge to ensure nice, tight, joints.


Polyurethane? Gorilla glue or similar?


Similar, just a lot better, particularly on the clean up and glue penetration (end grain is phenomenal).

Everbuild Lumberjack (i use the 30 min variety, 5 min also available).



Ordered thanks :smiley:


Cheers Bob, I’ll try some.


Apologies, Stronzetto wants to know if this ‘packs a punch’


I rather think it does not unless you don’t pay for it at the till


Tis not like the sticky resin of yore that Storonzetto will no doubt be fumiliar with.


Hard and fast like a train.


Take it easy on the quantity used, it will gap fill but you shouldn’t have any gaps to start with. A thin smear it’s all you need, water damp one of the faces, a thin smear on the other (I use wooden spatulas) and always use clamping pressure to set the joint. Clean off using a sharp chisel, either at a low angle or as a scraper. Don’t get any on clothes, you have been warned :grinning:


All six of the vertical smaller panels finished, joints and faced off.

Just setting too on the two long panels with my mix and match of clamps.


One of the larger panels faced off now, swinging a ten pound jointer plane with 2.5 inch blade around for a couple of hours constitutes a half decent workout!

And the pile of shavings will head off to the smoker.


All the shaping done on this plinth, just the fine finishing to go.

Now sharpening planes once or twice a session so have moved to diamond stones for this maintenance sharpen, easy to do in the workshop in a couple of minutes. Makes a big difference to the finished surface on the timber. Can now use the smoothing plane to remove one or two thou thickness just where I need to. Will try and do a video of this at the weekend.


Lovely work.

Do you not use water stones?


Yea, but I found that using them in the workshop every few hours was a pain in the arse, water gets everywhere and/or covered in dust. I keep them for a weekly spruce up now, to re-set any errors I make when sharpening in the workshop.