Tales from the Ginnel


Pic 3 - amazing craftsmanship Bob. Totally in awe here !


2nd best avatar on AA (after @Jim 's) :+1:


Don’t let chelseadave hear you say that.



As ever, I’m in awe




Sanding sealer applied, grain is looking really good. A couple of weeks of finishing to go now.


That is beautiful - what timber is it?


English walnut for the top, rippled sycamore for the sides and the bit you can’t see is oak feet pads and a mahogany base.

The sanding sealer is a mix of shellac in solvent and plaster of Paris.


Thanks - it’s all lovely, but the walnut top is particularly striking - wonderful tone with the sanding sealer on it.


Thinned oil varnish going on


:heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck: Gorgeous work Bob :+1:


Just refurbishing a pair of No3 and No 5 Stanley bedrock planes. Had the surfaces re-ground and with new blades got me a pair of planes as good as new (Lei Nielson levels of flatness), well happy. Decided not to overdo the refurb, just doing the important bit and leaving the age on the rest of the plane.

The rub mark on the No5 from the test cut is perfect from front to back, nice.


Beautiful, they must be a delight to use :heart_eyes:


Haven’t a clue what you’re talking about but I’m sure it’s damned impressive!


I have no idea why anyone needs more than one plane, but I :heart: this thread - more tool and turntable porn please Bob :+1:


You need at least 4 planes. Bare minimum!


Not a cack-handed bone-idle twat like me - 1 is plenty, and that mainly for decorative purposes…


I love skilled craftmen (not literally) makes me jealous I’m a useless git. :disappointed_relieved:


20 ish


Turned upside down and gripped nice and tight in a vice they make a pretty good surface for hammering things flat on.