Tales from the Ginnel


Have you tried knocking up an internal frame out of Unistrut and epoxying the wood to that ? That ought to hold it round the edges and if you’re worried that it might bulge or dish in the middle you could fasten a stiffening cross-member made out of an offcut onto the back.

“When all else fails use bloody great nails !”



You stick to this and I’ll do the woodwork :slight_smile:


So much beautiful work in this thread.


I’ve just accidentally discovered that there’s a word for this - you’re a rhykenologist. It’s an actual Thing :open_mouth:

Even have a facebook page… https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=rhykenology%3A%20the%20study%20of%20wooden%20planes


An Excellent word for the day


Jeez - you’re up to the Rs already and it’s only the 11th ?!



From the Greek rykane meaning wood planes


Oh, I don’t need a special date to be up to the Rs…

Great, thanks, that’s brilliant, but I, too, can read Wikipedia entries :+1:


Not this time. Got that from my daughter the linguist


Danke, Logged for Wednesday


That’s going on my works sig box :slight_smile:


First thing I thought of reading that was some sort of activity involving @Penance and a bottle of rohypnol.


I’m game if you are.


Save yer roofies - he’s self-prepping… :+1:


A little bit of progress on my white plinth, should be there or there about come Jan.


I’m liking where this one is going


I’d like it even more if it was going in the post to my house.


Bit of a quick n dirty one to get me going with the new toy. Used an existing Mahogany frame, a top plate made from an old spare layered ply shelf finished in Oak, infilled the lot with some Oak off cuts and the base was made from a couple of pieces of Birch ply. Popped a bit of damping between the base and the Oak infill. . Soundboard is an old aluminum one I had knocking around, fitted some Track Audio feet and bingo, away we go.

Will now have to engineer the full on plinth for a 401, for now this is rather good. Top job on the 401 Matt.


I would be delighted with that as it is :heart_eyes:


Awesome :sunglasses: