Tales from the Ginnel






Yep, fabulous :+1:


Fuck me that’s gorgeous :heart_eyes:


Beautiful :heart_eyes:



Must be cool to make something that hopefully in 100 years time will still be admired.

I’m hoping my astra turf stays down that long,so tourists can wonder,“how did he lay that”




Tourists? Too busy blind among the flowers surely


That’s fecking lovely that is :heart_eyes:


That is mad nice :heart_eyes:


I like the way you’ve done the thin inlay between the light and dark Bob :heart_eyes:


Fabulous. A work of art.




That is incredible craftmanship Bob. Whoever the new owner is a lucky bassa - pride of ownership must be off the scale.




Noir has started its 6 month build. Made from 3500 year old Fenland Bog Oak, quarter cut with a 10 degree bevel to each side.

This is achieved by setting the mitre to 44 degrees and the bevel to 9 degrees, I bloody hate compound mitres!

All the corners will be rounded over and all the metal work will be anodised black, everything, even the brightwork on a black Garrard 301 will go black. You get the picture.



Now … Johnny …



How long does that take to dry out, does it shrink and warp like crazy?


Takes a few years to dry before it sold sold on from the supplier. After that it still warps like a bastard, expect to lose 25% on thickness to straighten it out!