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Doug Helvering

Election response:

I don’t post much politics here anymore, but I have a few thoughts in the immediate wake of America’s midterms.

Megan and I voted proudly, as we still believe in voting and in democratic norms.

To those who voted for Republicans…how does it feel to know you’ve been lied to? Your media has lied to you repeatedly…about the coming red wave (didn’t and couldn’t happen), about the election (fair and not stolen), about the Covid vaccines (they work), about fentanyl in Halloween candy (absurd), about climate change (real), about our borders (not open), about crime (actually going down and worse in GOP states), about CRT (actual history), about the underlying reasons for inflation (corporate greed), about abortion (not murder), about literally everything they’ve tried to gaslight you into believing!

And why? … to keep you afraid…they want you angry…and they’re trying to give you some marginalized person to blame (the immigrant, the refugee, the person with colored skin, the drag queen, the teacher, the trans kid, the doctor, everyday normal people who still believe in democracy).

So…how do you feel? How does it feel to know your entire worldview, built on decades of intentional misinformation, is fraudulent? What will you do now? Will you repent or double down into your cocoon of irrational thinking?

Democrats are not your enemy. We want our kids to be safe in schools. We want higher wages. We desire opportunities to succeed as a result of our work. We want to be able to use the benefits we have paid for. We want the freedom to live our lives free from government tyranny.

Democrats are not your enemy…your warped and radicalized understanding of reality is.

So…enough with the lies…including the lies you know are lies and continue to ‘believe’ them out of spite. Politics should be about figuring out solutions to our problems as a community and nation. It’s time to reject these dark, evil, and insidious forces that have led you and your party astray. Push away the voices of hate and division that comes from your media and your pulpits. Let’s make America finally live up to her stated ideals.

Replace Republicans for Tories and…


And there’s the perfect Gammon Marinade… :ok_hand::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


… none of them will believe that


From a lot of stuff I have read one of the main reasons why Republicans have either not voted or have voted Democrat in the mid terms has been a reaction against the Supreme Court repeal of Rowe v Wade.


Who could possibly have seen that coming?

another one…

A normal person would call it the tragic impact of poor gun controls.

The NRA would call it “walmart just performing an aggressive reduction of staffing costs”

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I hope it bankrupts the deluded twat.


He also claimed to have asked Donald Trump to be his running mate.

That is the US equivalent of Lord Sutch offering a merger to David Owen.

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Or Nigel Twat

What could possibly go wrong? :skull:

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Just got to hope the AI is considerably smarter than the people deploying it…

Not too steep a hill to climb that one…

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