Techie 1210 advice

An acquaintance of mine has a Technics 1210. He is thinking of upgrading it but is also open to selling it and starting again. I never really got on with Techies for anything other than DJ’ing at University, so know little or nothing about them. So

  • what upgrades are worth doing? (e.g. replace arm)
  • what is a 1210 in decent nick worth?

Please bear in mind that the owner of the Techie plays drums for a living so is obviously not the sharpest chisel in the tool box. Budget is no more than £500 for upgrades.


Cunt :rage:


Put it in a cupboard to appreciate in value. Then go buy the Rega 25 that MAX have, with the change, a few beers.

Buy a new mat. And maybe a reasonable mm cartridge.

Agree, other than a decent cart, don’t throw money at it just leave it as is and or buy another TT.
Prob worth between £350 to £500.

I did think that this might be messy, or that I could read 10,000,000,000 pages of bickering on AoS, PFM or that other joint. In the end I am genuinely interested to get the views of the AA on this.

I am a traditionalist, so once everyone has responded, I’ll just tell him what I thought was the correct thing to do in the first place. :wink:


I’d certainly recommend the Funk Firm Achromat to help with the ringy platter.
An arm change could also help but yeah, agree that a decent cart would be the most cost effective.

A Techie upgrade thread?
Fuck me the next thing you know this forum will be getting an ethos.

No good will come of it I tell you.


I wouldn’t dick about with it other than change the platter,feet,external box for the motor,new mat,new arm,disconnect the pitch slide,change the bearing and a new power lead.



And an offboard PSU, rebuild the speed control circuit, damp the subchassis further, upgrade the arm wiring, bin the cueing light, add a record weight and get a decent wall shelf. :+1:


It’s a well known fact that the Techie is the Astra of tunrtables…

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Just need the wall shelp then… :thinking:

Show your friend this. He won’t bother you again for advice.

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Has he also considered a Mazda RX-8?


He is a drummer. He is therefore incapable of social interaction and is a tad slow on the uptake (hence the techie). He is an acquaintance…

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Enjoy your ban :smirk:


I didn’t say he was incapable of anti-social interaction though. Even Strayan drummers can manage that.

OK. That’s fair. You have a suspended sentence :man_pilot:


Out of interest how does your friend slice his toast?