Technics SP10 build

As at least one person is looking… and some own… I’m going to start a bit of a build and research thread.

Here it is

Cosmetically it’s good. Strobe works and is static at all speeds.
The only modification I will make is the psu pilot light is gone and I need an led 3mm wide and 3.3v.
I’ll get someone with a steady hand to paint the speed numbers as well.
This is ex BBC Shropshire and comes with the SH10C box. I can’t start or stop it without this box; not a problem but it just takes up extra space.


As it’s working fine I’m going to resist being tempted to recap or faff (got the parts list if anyone wants it).
If I get brave I may open it up and change the four main drive capacitors and check the thrust pad.

Great link and photos here if I try it all…

I could remove the SH10C but for now I suspect it’s hassle to achieve the same end result less one box.

Next must haves are a plinth (still thinking) and an arm. Platter mat will do for now until my savings recharge. Then it’s a gunmetal one!

My budget has set me with a choice of two:

  1. Lightly used Jelco SA 750e ten inch (sweet spot?)
  2. New Jelco 750l twelve inch

(Most likely add the aftermarket mount to help VTA unless anyone suggests it’s not worth it?).

Unless anyone has an unused option they want part with? There’s no e version left new in the country and few l. I considered other arms but wanted a cheap 12 or the shorter but not too short option which I may get a deal on.

May try and source one of these made up for transporting. Useful template for anyone who hasn’t got a transport motor bracket. It’s usually in aluminium.

Possibly tracked down a Jelco SA 750e arm

Do those here that use them add the ammonite audio collar to improve mounting and VTA faffing?

They seem to be essential if you believe what you read…

Those collars are well worth using. They prevent the arm from twisting as the grub screw is tightened.
I used to have one.


I use the second/improved version of the “Shuggie” collar on my Jelco SA750D - IIRC this is the same fella now running Ammonite??

It works really well & keeps the arm pillar vertically true with repeated VTA changes when swapping or adjusting carts. Wouldn’t be without mine, really a total no brainer in comparison to the standard arm furniture, as originally supplied by Jelco. Really quite a “shot in foot” moment, fer what is otherwise a really nicely engineered & finished arm at its price point!!

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Some 6v filament bulbs ordered.

Took the old one out and hey presto!

Let there be light!

(Of little value beyond the satisfaction… I have three spare bulbs).


Meh, it’s not blue…

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Orange is the new blue.


It’s a clear bulb. The fascia lense is orange.
The sense of achievement is substantial.
When I grow up I want to be an @edd9000

I soldered in the two resistors into the onkyo today as well. It had a dead display.


I use the ammonite collar and would recommend it.

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To be collected…
30mm solid oak to keep the wife happy.


Circle stencil! Did you draft the plans?

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How else do you cut the plug hole!

So yo did not draw any plans?

It’s an advertised design.
I just asked for it to take a 12 inch arm and it was a little larger due to the thicker wood surround option.
And that determined the final size.

Is your rack OK to take the weight?

It’s a record player not a black hole.


Bit stuck here.

Trying to set it up and the new 10 inch Jelco is in with the standard headshell and Hana sl.
When I get the arm balanced the counterweight is almost at the end as you move it towards the bearing… and when I dial it to 2 for the 2g tracking weight it hits the end of the shaft, and bumps the bearing end… as in it won’t move anymore and I’m stuck at 1.7

Can’t be right!?
It’s the lighter of the two weights supplied!