Terms / phrases that need to fuck straight off

  • Please to add on.

“Optics” (A gold star cunt of a term particularly when used by PR folks)

“Vinyls” (Move straight to Robin island - and stay fucking put)

“Take agency” (This kind of twattery for ‘Do your job’ needs to get to Runcorn)

Starting any sentence with: “I was like” (If accompanied by mime or he was / she was like = Wet Rope)

'Smashed it" - (In a non looting context this just smacks of drama queen)

‘Hacking’ (In a non gardening context) “Life Hacks” - Whats wrong with ‘tip’ ‘Idea’ ?

‘Hubbie’ and ‘Wifey’ (This kind of saccharine Americanism needs to wilt )

‘Yummy’ (Fine if you’re 5 - imbecilic if you are an adult)


Do the Math - Just once can ruin a whole film.


“So” (Never start the answer to any question with this)
“Synergy” (Just fuck off)
“Take ownership” (Please don’t)

“VTA is too high”

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R2R :roll_eyes:

“Inky Black”
“Veils lifted”

in a hi-fi context obvs


We are where we are.

Management speak for I fucked up but everyone should ignore the fact it was my fault and fix it for me.

Than can stay, winds people up a treat when I use it on pfm.

That and collars :slight_smile:


First mention of ‘blue sky thinking’ or ‘action points’ in a meeting has me reaching for the rusty hammer. Similarly any management speak can have one to the bollocks. People asking me to ‘reach out’ are likely to get short shrift too.

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Haters gonna hate :slightly_smiling_face:


Brexit means Brexit :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


FTFY can fuck right off. It was mildly amusing 10 years ago…


Yep. I hate that. It is the shittest thing on the internet*

*That’s clearly an exaggeration, but it is shit.

Thanks for passing that across my bows - I will take it onboard ASAP

Wait, what? no! like… Most conversations start like this with my pre-teen kids. It’s excruciating. :tired_face:


“No offence but”

“I’m not being funny but”



Yes, no, but…

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Upward inflections at the end of statement sentences. AKA upspeak.

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