Terms / phrases that need to fuck straight off


An upside risk!

Project managers are special types of cockwomble that’s for sure.


They are. Oh yes, they are.


People being filmed dropping microphones can fuck right off.


Never could work out what that was about?


Agreed, Steve Wright does it and thinks it’s funny, so this automatically makes it bellend behaviour in my book.


C-suite, ugh go fuck off and die :weary:


sounds like a card hand - Royal Flush, C-Suite!


I feel nauseous when I see it written down, but some-one in all seriousness said it to me yesterday and I couldn’t help but laugh in her face. The silly droid just didn’t get it.


I don’t think I have ever heard that one.
I have no idea what it is supposed to mean.


Oh dear, I had to look that one up :rofl:


That one is standard round here. I could do you an exhaustive list but I fear the forum would explode with indignation.


Hah, does that mean that you also say it then :grinning:


I do now
My life is poorer.


Trust me, if I excluded the contents of this thread from my work conversations, I’d be mute.



Are you sure you don’t work for one of the big four consulting houses? :wink:


So did I. I just assumed it was a competitor to G-Plan but apparently not.


The C-Suite sounds like a modern version of the executive toilet, the key to which signified, once upon a time, that you’d made it.



C U next Tuesday…what the fucks rong with plain old CUNT !?!


My response to “C U Next Tuesday” is always “Tuesday, Wednesday And Thursday”



Took me a moment