Terms / phrases that need to fuck straight off


Such a fucking con is “investors in people”. My last company did it and changed nothing, people still didn’t do appraisals or train people.


It’s not for that, it’s so they can have the certificate to say that they have accreditation, which sounds great externally but actually means precisely fuck all.


“Granularity” seems to be dropped into every second sentence these days… Detail??!


“meteoric rise”

When did you last see a meteor rise ? They do pretty much the exact opposite.



‘Care package’ :roll_eyes:



TBH it’s a slightly worrying name for an aircraft too. Of course with the military you just order the pilot to get in and man up.



I seem to remember reading that they killed a lot of young pilots. If one engine went they were extremely difficult to control.


‘Box ticking’ can have one.


They probably made crap gliders, otherwise if you had enough height I suppose you might turn the other engine off and try to get it down onto a field.



I suspect that they just spun very rapidly


Not much more than 24 hours ago:



Doh… :grinning:


Another 2 that generally annoy me, miserable old fart that I am:
“He gave it 110%!”
“Emotional Rollercoaster” - it appears that the only metaphor associated with any sort of emotion is a rollercoaster. I suggest folks should say from now on: “My emotions were up and down like a dog’s dick”.


This can get to feck. It should be either

"up and down like a bride’s nightie”


"up and down like a fiddler’s elbow”

Anything else can get in the sea…:slight_smile:


Makes me think of Bill Hick’s “quivering rabbit nostril” :joy:


Any phrase that contains the words “dog’s dick”, especially when used in conjunction with “lipstick” are fine by me.


get real what bride wears a nightie? in fact what partner wears a nightie?



or is it draws? :thinking:


Agreed. That one can fuck right off and keep going.