The 2019 Eurovision Extravaganza Low-Lights Dumpster

Some light reading for you if you are drunk/deluded enough to give two fecks about this cultural u-bend.

Iceland sado-gimpers novelty schtic won’t stop this shit-fest from sounding any less excruciating. My meh!-o-meter is likely to need calibration.

I will be riveted to the sofa with a steady stream of various alcoholic beverages and snacks. Narelle has made it a “tradition” in the Expat household.
It’s several hours long, yet is about the same length an intro to one of my usual albums.
I’ll survive. Just.


30 years or so ago I was invited to a Euorovision party by the gayest couple you could ever meet.
Their huge house was a study in kitsch and camp. Grecian columns in the bathroom etc etc
They were fantastic hosts.
There was a lot of drink and things involved and I had a marvelous time, I don’t remember the Eurovision thing at all and have never watched it since.


I for one have found the last few years to be excellent entertainment thanks to the live punditry offered by this very parish.

The knotted wet rope will connect in earnest once more!

Who else is doing the live critique this year?


The last couple of years we’ve had a stream of consciousness thread here whilst getting wasted watching it. It’s been fucking hilarious. You should join in. As it’s in Israel this year we can make cutting comments about the hosts, and enjoy the spectacle of a Scandi BDSM death metal band .


Expect close scrutiny here


we will record it

I don’t do that thing anymore, its amazing (or maybe it isn’t) how it changes your perception of ‘hilarious’ :grinning:

I may well give it a go this year


I am fully intending to partake in this annual institution.


When’s it on?

Tomorrow evening Mick.

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Australia FTW!

Thanks, I’m out at friends surprise 30th birthday party so will watch on AA.

Israel - home of Eurovision, presumably because there are no jamboree singing competitions in the Middle East and they wouldn’t be invited to them anyhow.

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Latest betting:

Holland - 4/5
Australia - 7/1
Switzland - 14/1
Sweden - 16/1
25/1 Bar

UK - 470/1:rofl:

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I may follow this thread. However, I will not watch the steaming pile of assorted turds that is the contest itself.

It’s years since I watched it, so my recollection of the rules may be a tad rusty, but how the fuck do Australia get to take part in Eurovision?

Reasons and an insane love of kitsch. You have no idea how big ABBA still are in Oz.