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Actually, it’s bloody ridiculous for the responsibility they have.

FoL#2 is 18, and she’s just got a new job with the farming where her her horse is stabled, 40 hours for £400 a week and free board and lodging for the nag, so that works out that she’s on more than those drivers who’ve been there years, for what is basically razzing about on a quad bike, feeding some cows and sheep and helping out at the stables. She’s basically there all the time anyway, so she’s played a blinder, but ffs, Stagecoach are cunts.


Fuck, I think even this temping I’m doing right now is more than that (something like £12.50/h on nights, £11.50 on days, 4on4off). During the induction the guy conducting it, in trying to sell the place as a long term job, mentioned the company made a profit of £2.4B last year (Culina Group for those interested, and they own Great Bear and Eddie Stobbart amongst others). Unless such a statement is followed up by "and they did a profit share with the staff of , how the fuck is that a selling point?

And he was a Scouser too. Very disappointed in that level of forelock tugging from someone from there.

For those that know more about economics etc than I do - what real pitfalls would there be to making changes to the minimum wage regs where a company couldn’t pay dividends or do share buybacks unless they were paying everyone at least double minimum wage? If the company is in the pits, then sure, maybe some allowance (although it just says the directors are shit at running their company), but if you’re in such a stable financial position as to be paying large dividends etc whilst still paying people fuck all, that seems well out of order to me.

a) it would need to be very cleverly worded to avoid outsourcing of cheap labour to other companies at which point it would be a nightmare to police
b) every single care home would go bust overnight.

Why so?

Government funding of care barely even covers pay at minimum wage for carers.

…And it’s a hell of a lot more business types affected than care homes - hospitality, retail and farming come to mind immediately as three where the majority of employees are minimum-waged, but there’s almost no sector where at least a significant minority of employees are affected.

Well aside from perhaps the likes of McDonalds, there aren’t many players in those industries who are paying whacking great dividends to shareholders etc, so they wouldn’t be affected. And if you are paying massive dividends, you’re really not a struggling company.

Who have got their retaliation in first by operating a franchise model where the McJobs get outsourced.


Capitalism is not a social enterprise.

Always makes me laugh when people say they don’t like Unions.
But you like holiday pay?
Sickness benefit?
A Pension?
A legal maximum working week?
Maternity leave?

Good luck negotiating that lot on your own


I know in my local area that there are routes that are not commercially viable and for years have been susidised by the local council. Given the austerity cuts to council funding I wouldn’t be suprised if that is a reason for routes disappearing.

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Yep. Happened where we are - 2 routes down to one. Now they are extending another route to include us. This has the bonus of creating a new destination.