The AA Bus Stop

This is not mine; raises some good points though.

Im making some progress with my own related campaign however …


Was this you Stu @MonitorGold10 :grinning:


Love it!:+1::+1::+1::joy::joy::joy:

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It did make me laugh :+1:

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Took some pictures at the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust Bridgeton Bus Garage open day today. Interesting couple of hours. I’m sure @MonitorGold10 will know a lot more about these lovely old vehicles than me :slight_smile: I didn’t realise Daimler made buses…




I’ll need to pay that a visit :+1:

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Yes, Defo worth a visit.
They also has some old bicycles there, military vehicles, trucks, fire engines, etc

This must be one of the first full susser MTB 1995.


A couple of months back, I wrote to DTW to ask if they might cover a bus.

Boy did they deliver!


And you got a credit!

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Ha! I didn’t realise that! How cool is that*

*probably not, really but as a Leyland man…:grin::grin::grin:


I’d like them to do a piece on the Leyland Royal Tiger Doyen next. It was launched forty years ago and was a fucking sales disaster.

Styled by John Heffernan, this rear engine integral coach was designed to match competition from Setra, Mercedes-Benz MAN and others.

Unfortunately, the workforce at Roe, Crossgates , Leeds were not allowed to work around imcompete and inaccurate Technical Drawings from Leyland.

Also, a major bollock was dropped in not designing in a (UK) Sunken Toilet and Emergency Exit.

Subsequent delays and poor build quality cost the company dear. Production was shifted to Workington when Roe was closed and the shortcomings of the original design were addressed.

Too late though unfortunately and when Volvo took over Leyland Bus in 1988 the Royal Tiger was quickly dropped.

Useless facts:

Headlamps from contemporary Rolls Royce.

The Grille Badge was frequently stolen and some operators had locked cages with spares.
The badge was said to be as heavy as it is to counter the weight of the rear engine.

I have the badge that was intended for the coach in the first picture.

The second one shows my actual badge on my mate’s coach. She has three of these now…


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Fuck. Should have added one in a more suitable contemporary livery…
And a Police Specification one…

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I must include the final National Based vehicle; the BR Class 155:

Some ingenuity was shown in adapting Bus Bodywork to form a train. Unlike the Pacer Family, this is all Leyland Bus and is self-supporting.

I’ve travelled on one and the interior gives the game away. That and the relatively small windows !

Warranty work for these vehicles nearly ruined Leyland Bus; indeed was it not for the Leyland Olympian- at the time the best selling 'decker in the world- and the Lynx, Volvo would likely have closed Leyland Bus earlier…

Nice send off.

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Found @MonitorGold10